Friday, June 22, 2007

Me Now

A few folks have recently commented that the picture of me eating the burger looks nothing like me now.

There you happy???

The title of this photo is:

"Tell me more about this thing called a... 'razor'..."

Sorry it's the best I could do.

You are welcome to give a go at naming it, but no sense in swamping Blogger with the words "Devilishly Handsome." So we'll just accept that as a given... Anything without those words will do.


Stephen and Haley said...

I like the title: "tell me more about this thing called a ... "book" ..."

Anonymous said...

The good news: You and I are slowly becoming more Christ-like.


Seth Ward said...

To quote somebody... "If you can't live like him, look like him..."

Stephen! You guys wearing Kilts yet? Good title btw.

FancyPants said...

Hey there, handsome. Whatcha readin?

Rob said...

Kinda looks like a comic, or maybe Good Housekeeping?