Thursday, June 07, 2007


Its a wierd thing this blogging world. It is a good thing to step back and recognize that truth sometimes. People who blog are inately artistic. Which means that they are also sensitive and a bit competitive. Thus the technorati craze. I mean, its okay to wonder how many people love and adore your writing and are waiting in the wings just to hear the wise words that proceedeth from your fingertips, but don't let it go to your head or rule and reign over you.

No matter how great you think you are, there is always someone that will outdo you. Period. To me, that is a big relief. Once I figured that out I could finally feel free to be me. It is a sad thing to see someone at the top of their game sink into the darkest of depressions. Pride is a funny thing. It is the worst of sins because it is nothing. What really sucks about when you come off the mountain is that you find out that the mountain wasn't real and you are left with nothing. That is why men who unexpectedly get fired from big-time corporate jobs stick a cold pistol to their heads and blow their brains out.

It wasn't the loss of the job. It was the total void that they had accumulated in their souls, the whole time thinking what they held, what made them feel important, was a real thing. Your soul runs on God. Period. Anything else will destroy the engine. It will eventually burn up and crack. Sometimes it takes loosing everything to realize that but for the lucky ones who recognize it now, you can enjoy whatever gifts you have been given, great or small, to their fullest.

So blog cause you love it. Sing cause you love it. Write songs cause you love it. Write books cause you love it. Do it all cause you're happy and you are free.

Sometimes I have to preach this sermon to myself to remember these things. Why do I blog? Well I could tell you some good reasons like: "I Blog cause you like to write and make people laugh, think, or even like to get them all riled up."

I really blog because it is fun and it makes me feel good when other people like it and think it is fun too.

For all that read and comment here. I am truly honored that you read these scratchings on my cyber-cave wall and hope to read as much of your writing as you can manage to scratch yourself.


Anonymous said...

I'm always happy to read and comment... although I'm not sure I want you involved in scratching myself.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I enjoy your blogging a lot, for so many reasons.

Seeing a new blog entry is like opening a present or something -- it's a new and exciting place to explore, new thoughts or ideas, or another way of looking at old ideas.

I still haven't managed to get any momentum in my own blogging frequency, and I think I'm just going to have to get comfortable with that.

Looking back at when I was in high school, I excelled at creative writing. My English teacher even talked me into taking the Creative Writing class (which she taught), and I totally aced it -- I was her star pupil.

But the thing about that class is that every day, there was some sort of guideline given, some specific subject chosen, or some new assignment which told me what to write about. Once I had that subject in mind, I could write with the greatest of ease, words flowing out quicker than I could write them down.

For me, blogging seems to lack a subject. When I wrote my entry about my favorite bloggers a while back, I was hoping to figure out what sort of subject matter drives various bloggers. But I'm not you guys. So it still didn't really give me stuff to write about, in the long run.

Of course, many days I barely even have enough time to read blogs or do anything extra -- my job, household chores, my friends and family, and life in general take a lot of my time.

(Hey, look at what you did, Seth -- an infamous Chaotic Hammer long comment!)

Amy said...

Hey thanks for the reminder! I didn't think my blog was the hottest place on the internet or anything, but whenever someone new comes by it's always exciting. I love reading your blog as well...thanks for doing it and having fun.

Seth Ward said...

You guys rock the house and bring a tear to my eye. sniff sniff.

Seriously, I have a great time reading your stuff and having the long discussion we have had.

Amy, thanks for joining us over here and l look forward to reading yours soon!

Anonymous said...

Totally resonate with this post, Seth.

The weird thing for me is that, because of my job, I get a referendum on myself, in a sense, every time we get ratings.

I know it's not really that, but it feels that way. What I *don't* need is another referendum online, in the form of numbers.

My goal is, at least half the time, leave people wondering, "What the -- ?" and amusing myself.

For me, This blogging thing is going nowhere, and I'm cool with that.


MamasBoy said...

"No matter how great you think you are, there is always someone that will outdo you."

That's true about more than blogging.


Seth Ward said...

Brant, that is interesting. For some reason, the fact that you would have to pay attention to ratings has always slipped my mind. A tribute to your character and attitude I would say.

Doug, Yeah, I mostly meant the other things besides blogging. Blogging is the tiny springboard for the other stuff that we really tend to compete for.