Friday, November 30, 2007

Lunch with Magill

I had lunch with Matt Magill today, and it was a blessing. I've been couped up here in this apartment for weeks now, and even though I love what I'm doing, I haven't had a chance to meet too many people, specifically, other Christian men since I've been here. Mostly because my whole life is on this here computer.

Getting to hang out with Matt was straight from God, a flat-out blessing and answer to prayer. We are similar in many, many ways, including weaknesses, and the ways in which he encouraged me most were through his testimony and his open and contrite heart. He's got a great testimony and is starting a powerful ministry here in Manhattan. He leads a bible study here in Manhattan through... (I'm going to get this name wrong because people always say it too fast and I'm a slow southern boy) "Priority & Associates." (?) I think it is a branch of Campus Crusade ministries but it is designed for working men. I went this Wednesday and I loved it.

He and his wife, Megan, are both musicians who moved from Texas. They sing Gospel music together, and his wife sings musical theater here in the city as well... I don't know... sounds familiar... Anyways, they have an original and terrific sound together, a kind of metro-Rock'abilly romp, that makes me flat out want to go to church and stomp and shout. Even more, it makes me want to get on the piano and jam with them. Go have a listen and buy a record. We musicians gotta eat.

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