Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Election... A recent poll of my thoughts...

Here is what comes to mind when I think about each of these candidates, and sadly, as my opinion will probably remain unchanged by my lack of political vigor, it will also determine my vote.

Hillary: Sorry. Just can't do it. I'm sure she's good for it. There's just toooo much history. It's like going back to eat a Big Mac after you got sick eating one and barfed it up.

Obama: Okay, probably the guy I'd like to see get the office more than anyone. Several reasons. Yes, one of them is because he is black. And who cares if that is a reason? Personally, I think it's time that America had a black President. It would do wonders for our Nation's conscience and conscious. It is time that someone else besides P-diddy, Kanye and 50 Cent represent the potential of the young American Black Male. I think if all three worked really hard and cheated, they could pass an English course. Obama... is probably the brightest mind running.

Edwards: I'm not sure about. He seems too Ken Doll to be president. I always think about the Truman Show or something every time I see him. At any moment his face could flap open and reveal a complex robotic mechanism controlled by some secret right-wing organization.

Giuliani, "The thug." At least that's how everyone up here in NYC refers to him. I don't care how big his mafia bat is; he sure did a good job of cleaning up the streets around here. BUT, we are talking about the leader of the free world and... if he were to use the same tactics to rule the world... hmmmm. Lets just Don Giuliani clear of the nuke button shall we?

Thompson: You were good in Hunt for Red October. That's about all I know about you. If we were still in a cold war with the Ruskies, well I'd think about it.

McCain: I like McCain, but I've never been able to shake the fear that underneath that nice rationale, there lies a Ross Perot waiting to burst.


Carolyn said...

Hey Seth,
Just reading your page and it made me miss you and Amber. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Check on Blake for me :(
See you at Christmas.


euphrony said...

What about ol' Mitt?

Seth Ward said...

Hi Carolyn!!!!

We will. I bet he's been enjoying the time off. I've been in bed, knocked out from my wisdom teeth.

Euph, don't know much about Mitt...

Tell me more.

Stephen said...

You don't know much about Mitt? He's spending more than $85,000 a day on ads (over $10 million so far this year). Must not be working. (he's also the richest guy running for president, by a long shot.)

Chaotic Hammer said...

I am old enough to have voted for Ronald Reagan, and I did. I think I've voted in every election since then.

This time around, my apathy as a voter is at an all-time personal high.

But the lack of good candidates is only partially to blame for that. The rest is that I'm spending a whole lot more time and energy working for a whole different Kingdom, that is not of this world. Sorry if that sounds sorta over-spirchalized, but now more than ever before in my life, I really do feel like I'm beginning to wrap my heart and mind around what this really means.

Seth Ward said...

Stephen, Like I said, I've been out of the loop... Mitt sounds interesting though. Anyone who is that interested in himself to spend all his money on himself, must be at least entertaining.


I know the feeling. Except I was sipping on capri suns and playing donkey-kong when you were voting for Reagan you old coot.

I might vote. We'll see. I'd like to see things get better for America than worse, so I probably will vote so as to keep my conscience if I decided to gripe in the future.