Monday, November 19, 2007

Houston Fun

I have returned from Houston. I left a few teeth, my deodorant and a bunch of good friends in H-town. Sounds like a hit country song.

I don't think I'll ever be able to say enough about our Church in Sugarland and what a blessing they have been to us. Every time I start to write about it, I can't figure out where to start, and I end just gushing like a goober and never finish. So let me just sum it up, I love you guys.

Had a great time with my friend Tan recording Carey Carroll's project. As always, the Holtzmans treated me like the blonde headed stepson, as opposed to their red headed son Jack. What a wonderful family. It was also great to see Josh and Elise Moore and catch up with those two crazy geniuses. I was reaaaaally bummed that I didn't get to spend any time with the Maerz or Spitz family but next time... Shoot, I wish I could have hung out with the whole church for that matter.

I also snuck into that church on Sunday morning, which was fun as well. A terrific pianist who seems to be getting along smashingly has replaced me at the helm of the Steinway. I was surprised at how much he looks like the present music minister... It was almost eerie... But then I had to imagine how weird I must have looked playing every Sunday with that long dippy looking hair, thumping my leg up and down. (A bad habit.)

Anyways, it was a good trip. Much was accomplished and it flew by. I miss my friends in Houston and this last trip I realized something...

I've moved around most of my life, and I am used to putting up walls and moving on. I realized that I'm not so good at that anymore. I have my friends in Houston to thank for that.


The Cachinnator said...

Have I told you that your old Mayor in Sugarland and I have become friends? We're tight.

Super Churchlady said...

Glad you made it back home safely - even tho' you're a little less wise now.