Thursday, November 29, 2007


Blog posts might be scant or non-exsistant for the next week as an Agent has reqested to see the FULL MANUSCRIPT of my novel. Only about two thirds is spotlessly edited and I guess didn't expect someone to request the whole thing so soon. But hey, at least now the darn thing will be finished. It should only take a few days of coffee and no sleep, but things always come up so maybe longer. One thing I am mostly excited about is that, even if this agent decides to pass, at least I know the query letter is decent.

From what I've read and heard from other writers, the process finding an Agent, or the right Agent could take a while, but I'll keep you guys informed if you are interested in that kind of thing.

Also, if any of you published writers out there who have some helpful tips in this area, please, drop your 2 cents in the comments box for the love of Pete.

Regardless of what happens with her, it is fun to be affirmed and will great to be finished.

Pray for Amber tonight as this is the opening night of It's A Wonderful Life.


euphrony said...

Remember - "i" before "e" except after "c".

Just incase you forgot, and missed a little squiggly line under the word.

Seth Ward said...

Ha! Yeah, I never get that right. But then again, is that rule reeeeeealy true???

Amy said...

that is so amazingly cool. best of luck.

Seth Ward said...

Thanks amy!