Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dry Socket

I have what's called "dry socket" in a few of the holes where once dwelled my wisdom teeth. A local surgeon was nice enough to "pack" the socket and prescribe some painkillers. The pain went away, but replacing the pain is the constant taste of garbage. Pure, rancid, nasty, nauseating, garbage. Whatever is saturating the gauze in my gums is supposed to dissolve into a mushy material that makes the gum think that it has clotted properly. However, at this point, I don't care. Give me the pain. It tastes like black liquorish concentrate without sugar, and the dirty sweaty underwear of a sumo wrestler who took a crap on a pile of burning tires.

It's that bad. I wake up 2 times a night gagging. I have to go wash my mouth out and goop globs of toothpaste into the sockets for relief. During the day, there are always two mints in my mouth slowly dissolving, lodged between my cheek and gums like tobacco. I have to wonder... Do you remember that Austin Powers with Fat Bastard... remember that part where Austin thought he was drinking coffee but instead he was drinking... remember? Well, I'm wondering if something similar happened at the surgeon's office when he dipped the gauze in the medicated solution.

Just thought I'd share that with you.


euphrony said...

Thanks for sharing.

Have I mentioned that my dentist doesn't think I'll ever need to get my wisdom teeth out?

Just sayin'.

Seth Ward said...


May the fleas of a thousand camels infest thine armpits.

Chaotic Hammer said...


Anonymous said...

my wisdom teeth looked like they were going to be ok so the dentist said 10 years ago, but at 32 i had a bottom wisdom go rotten so the dentist pulled it out last monday im on my 3rd packing of clove oil and whatever that disgusting stuff is. dry socket is tough and without the packing stuff id probably kill someone for real. the pain is real and seems to never stop.