Sunday, July 01, 2007

Another Great Thing About the iPhone

I am often puzzled by the quality of pictures one finds of an author on the sleeve of their book. In most cases it looks as though the authors cropped a snapshot of themselves taken at some potluck dinner at a church picnic. The photos are usually right up there in artistic quality to the good ole mug shot.

I mean, many of these folks make a zillion dollars because bunches of people take the time to read their books. And if on the off chance the reader actually enjoyed the book, they flip it over in a grateful gesture to see what the person looks like so they can mentally thank them. This is usually followed by the word "yeesh" and book gets flipped back over and the reader tries to forget what they just saw. Especially if it is a Horror or Romance novel. (Not that I've read any romance novels or anything. Well that's not true, I used to read the saucy parts at my aunt's house when I was a kid. Usually came after chapter 4.)

These are my only three logical conclusions for the poor photography.

1. The publisher had to chase around the author and take the shot with a hidden camera because most writers are afraid of cameras.

2. Writers think that if you look good in a picture, you can't be a good writer.

3. Writers are slobs and that is the best picture of their life.

Oh yeah, the iPhone takes GREAT pictures.


Brody Harper said...

I read that wrong.

Seth Ward said...

Nah, the train of thought went.

"Wow that iphone was cool. Did you see the pic it took? I think I'll read a book. Sheesh. What a bad picture. He should have used an iphone."

kddub said...

I've often wondered that as well, they are either really bad, or really dramatic pictures.

The pictures I always wonder at are the real estate agent pictures, they look like glamour shots, and some even pose with dogs or props.