Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Shinola List.

Who I like: Nice people.

Who I don't like: Teenage drivers in Sugarland Texas.

ESPECIALLY when I am going to see a movie. And then I don't like them at the movies either. I pretty much just think Sugarland Teens are turdballs. Except for my students.

Angels. Every. Single. One.

Except for John Cates Jr. He needs a haircut the little hippie.


kddub said...

I like the label on this post.... ha ha....

I don't know many teens yet, but I know when our neighbor's daughter hits those years, we are going to employ her with baby sitting.

I also know that when I was a teen, I was a terrible driver. I hit our mail boxes 3 times, and had to replace my front light every time.

FancyPants said...

Ha ha! 3 times?

Bill Hensley said...

I'm afraid I'm not helping matters. I have two teenage boys (ages 16 and 18) whom I have turned loose on the streets of Sugar Land. Of course, they're perfect angels, too!!
They're just not very good drivers... :-)

Seth Ward said...


No I really don't hate them. I think I have officially been ran off the road 3 times by young Sugarland teens in their nice cars.

btw, where do you guys go to church?

Bill Hensley said...

We go to Sugar Creek.

My guys are usually driving a 1991 Oldsmobile with various dents and scratches (self-inflicted, for the most part). Most people know to steer clear of a car like that when they see one on the highway. :-)

You have been warned.

Seth Ward said...

Ha! That sounds like my old (first car)

Except it was a 76 Caprice Classic.

Mint condition for a month.

Many a black man offered to buy it on the spot.