Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nothing Feels GOOOD Sometimes.

Time to type. Something not so heavy. But I just cant think of anything. I know I know. Everybody always talks about how much they hate it when people blog when they don't have anything to say blah blah blah.





I have nothing to say and I'm proud of it. Sometimes we think we ought to have something to say. It makes us feel good. We feel important. Well I don't right now. (have anything to say that is, I actually feel really stinking good and quite important!) SuuUUUUuuure there's lots to talk about. Paris, Iraq, Poverty, The Pope, 24, Star Wars, The new Harry Potter movie, the new Harry Potter book...

All that is good an well. But, I am at a loss for words. Really. I am.

In fact, I'm going to do a little test to see if there is really anything in my head that needs to come out. I am going to close my eyes and in five seconds I am going to type whatever comes into my head.

But first, Maybe its because I am feeling really good lately that I don't have anything to say. Does all creativity have to come out of some sort of wretched angst? Why does life have to be so crappy and hard before you can create something other people will want to read, hear or see?

Personally, I think that's all a bunch of bologna. That whole "I gotta be in pain to be creative" myth.

But where does that leave me? Still with a whole lot of nothing to say. Okay, I've said enough nothing to make you want to punch me so... First thing that comes to my mind after 5 seconds and a goodnight to you all...

"Peanuts are shiny."

That's it folks. Five seconds and that is the best my brain can come up with to say. A bold face lie about Peanuts.

Good Night.


euphrony said...

For a man with nothing to say, you sure used a lot of words.

Seth Ward said...

I've been told that a few times before.

Joey said...

I'm laughing my ass off! peanuts are shiny HAHAHAHAHAH

FancyPants said...

Did you really think "peanuts are shiny" and that's it? I don't think I believe you.....