Monday, July 09, 2007

I Want This

So now I only want this car, Dracula's castle and the iPhone. I think that REALLY makes me big-time evil. Or just part-white trash.

Normally, it is a sin for a Ford Mustang fan to admit to liking anything with the name Pontiac on it but in this case, it can't be helped.

It should be noted that the worst car that I ever owned was a 1992 Pontiac Grand am. I believe it holds the standard for being the suckiest car that a college boy can own. It was like a Venus flytrap for my wallet. Suuuuure, it was halfway decent and drove fine for a solid week until it decided to begin down the long and painful path of overheating.

The 92 Grand Am overheated because of the poor design of its thermostat. For all of you non-car folk, or for all of you that never had to drive a colossal, maroon, peanutty log of dudu on wheels that forced you to become an expert on the inner-workings of the "thermostat," a thermostat is a nifty little gadget that tells the engine that it needs a drink of water to cool it off. It is a 15-dollar part that if malfunctioning, will cost you every penny of your Old Country Buffet bus boy paychecks.

I said so many prayers for that car whilst driving in traffic jams that it should have had a Shekinah glow about it before it finally croaked. Of course the Shekinah glow probably never happened because the prayers where often followed by flagrant cussing sprees and violent fist pounding on the dashboard.

On second thought, never mind.

Pontiacs suck.

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