Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I must have it. Own it. Look at it. And last but not least, call people with it. I have resisted for as long as I can. So when my Verizon plan expires, I will own this. Oh yes, I will. I cannot bare the thought of my other Mac friends flashing their shiny new iPhones in my face dancing around me in circles singing, nah nah nah nah naaaah nah. It will not happen I tell you. I have seen the iPhone bathing on the roof and it will be mine. If I have to send my Treo out to the front lines (the toilet) then so be it.

"I am my beloved and my beloved is mine..."

There is no known cure for Mac lust. A frugal wife is the only thing that has been known to treat the symptoms.


Chaotic Hammer said...

I can't really explain why working in Information Technology for a living has cured me of this sort of personal problem you have, Seth.

Some people who geek out for a living have to have top-of-the-line everything for their personal-life geeking. But not me.

I have a very basic cell phone with the most basic plan, a 3-year old PC with Windows 2000 (and a couple of old PCs running Unix variants), and most of the fundamental things that I need just to accomplish necessary tasks, like a $60 scanner, a printer/fax machine, VOIP phone, etc (I do work from a home office, after all).

I don't know. Maybe I get my fill of technology during work. I do get to install cutting-edge operating systems onto cutting-edge hardware, and manage dozens of production networks with thousands of users all day.

I can't explain why I don't suffer from gadget-envy, except to say that I've learned to be content with the gadgets that God has already given me. :-)

Seth Ward said...

It is obvious that you have never owned a mac.

Anonymous said...

I can't decide whether to wait for the second generation, once they have worked all the bugs out, or just get one because they are so cool.

Saturday we have a "day off" in Sugarland. Email me and I will give you my cell number.

FancyPants said...

mac shmac.

Anonymous said...

Only a fool would abandon a Treo for an iPhone. Fool.

Seth Ward said...

Only a fool would choose the lumbering treo over the new sleek iphone.

You are obviously another PC bottom dweller. There is still time my laughing friend.

You have to take the first step.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Seth: You little smack talker. By my calculations, you were still in elementary school when I was playing around on my first Mac. :-)

I have long since given up on the "my computer rulz, your computer droolz" wars. Those are so 1994.

To me, the various forms of available technology are like tools in a tool kit. You use the best one for the job at hand. For some things (things which I've never had to do much of on a computer, like professional graphics and music production), a Mac is arguably the best tool.

But honestly, I have no need for an expensive Mercedes just to take me back and forth to the Circle-K down on the corner. I mostly do e-mail, web browsing, and other lightweight things that a super-cheap nearly-disposable PC is perfect for. By the time it breaks down, the technology on it is obsolete anyway.

An expensive computer built like a tank, marginally upgradeable, tied to a single OS, is just not the right tool for me. If I had a need for a laptop (which I don't), then maybe I'd be giving a Mac a serious look. Otherwise... feh.

Seth Ward said...

C-hammer. You sound like a man trying to rationalize his own sinful way but really knows he is wrong.

You and Cach are on a fast track to denial. Come to the light.

can I get a .... iMen???

FancyPants said...


Seth Ward said...

Fancy, your comment made me hungry.

Joey said...

As you know I have changed from Verizon to Cingular for just this reason. I will also satisfy my lust for the iPhone. As soon as I saw the commercial for the iPhone during the Super Bowl Half-Time show I knew what I had to do. My course was clear, my sights were set and nothing short of an Act of God, "affectionately known as AOG" will separate me between my one true love...that or six hundred whoppers. The only one for sale in my opinion is the 8gb, so that's my price tag, or there abouts. But it will happen. Ahhhh......sweet iPhone. Now that I look back I realize that I've been hacking my treo for a couple years now just to make it an iPhone. Poor treo. I could never really accept it for who it was. lol

Chaotic Hammer said...

Seth - You sound like a brainwashed member of some spooky cult from a bad B movie.

"Join Us..."

"Join Us..."

"We ate the Sheriff's brain..."

"Join Us..."

Vitamin Z said...


I see you quickly repented of you Christian Musician post. :) I got it on my google reader. I can see why, but I thought it was funny. Sadly, I think your take is probably the dark side of all of us who are artistic and get up in front of any number of people.


Seth Ward said...

Yeah, I decided to let that one go into the can. I really don't feel that way now, but I did kind of in the beginning. It is why you don't hear me talking too much about our music here. I felt disingenuous.

It’s more fun this way anyhow. But thanks for the comment. Glad someone got to read it and didn't take it the wrong way : )

What do you think? Should I post it?

Anonymous said...

Only a fool - the kind of fool who would abandon a TREO for a puny little iphone - would post and then remove like a fickle little girl. Girl.

kddub said...

you men and your fancy phones.... I don't get it! My husband is in love with that phone too.