Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Brief, Briefer, Briefestestest

I read the Brief History of Time and it was good. I read "An Even Briefer History of Time" and it was better. (More pictures. For some reason, pictures have always helped me to understand stories better. Sometimes I just look at the pictures and get bored if books like math books don't have them. GENNNAAYYY!)

In following that idea and wanting to capitalize on it in the Christian subculture, I have decided to write: "The Christian View of the Briefestestest History of Time Ever (Triple-Christian-Dog-Dare-Infinity-No-Take-Backs-Briefestestest History that is)"

Here is what I've got in mind. I'll give you a one-time sneak preview. Prepare to marvel at the genius... It will have one page, three words (shrink wrapped of course as not to reveal the mystery to sneaky Barnes and Noble reading thieves)...

"Bang, Jesus, Present.... The End (of this book that is...)"

What do you think? Million dollar baby right there if you ask me...

I like that "of this book that is..." part. Builds suspense and keeps people biting their nails, waiting for the sequel.

I even thought about finding a Christian scientist in a wheel-chair to write a forward to make it more "authentic" but I think I'll just get the eminent Christian Scientist Hal Lindsay. Not as in "won't-take-advil-Christian Scientist" but as in REAL "science" scientist.)

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Aaron Stanley said...

Excellent Idea. Sort of like that book "What Men Know About Women." It was completely empty. Every page blank. Made the author (a woman) famous and ridiculously rich.

But somehow I'm not quite seeing the mass market appeal of your idea... Perhaps you could make a similar book that says something like "What Seth Knows About Science."

Just kidding...you should check out this interesting site at http://www.cosmicfingerprints.com/audio/newevidence.htm. It's a fascinating discussion of the convergence of science and religion on the origin of the universe. Fascinating stuff. Gives a perspective on Genesis that I've never heard before.