Saturday, March 17, 2007

Burnt The Gerbil Cookies

Is everyone crazy?

Believe it or not I'm walkin' on air. Fragile, handle with care. "Be ready for anything" said the pink bunny. "My biopsy was GREAT!" Said the barnacle turtle.

I stood on a chair and smacked at a fire alarm that was beeping because the battery was running down last night. It sounded like the beep from a giant space ship of ants.

"Mama, is the mayo still good? I don't believe in Santa anymore. Is my laundry finished?" The guitar collects dust by the closet. It is really irritated at the neglect. Sorry brother, you gotta wait your turn.

My life is an Oreo cookie. Hard on the outside but very soft in the place where only the wind and sun never see.

Cousin Q from Star Trek is coming to dinner. Wonder if we'll have fried chicken or Colored greens said Michael from the Office. Love that show.

Don't wait up said the carrot cake to the fridge.

The Gerbils are planning a takeover tonight and burning the cookies is the first item of business.

(please your own nonsense add fast. Come on you know you want to burp the fantasic world of under arm dirt!)


The Cachinnator said...

"But the Everglades are my home," protested my left nipple. "You go your way, and I'll go mine," said righty. Clearly, I'm torn.

Seth Ward said...


FancyPants said...

What the...

This doesn't work so well for me. I just end up thinking, Oh man, I don't know what to think...I don't know...Crap I still don't know...Quiet brain...just you're not doing it right...Crap.

Susanne said...

I'm with Fancypants. I can laugh at what you guys say, but I can't think of anything myself!

Chaotic Hammer said...

The solitary tongue spouted joy unspeakable.

Pecking quietly, the nightly grinding had worn the surface into a smooth, delicate flower. Seen by the masses, but unknown to the elders. Tales had been told, but nobody knew who had really connected there. Nobody.

Confused at first, I finally got my wallet to acknowledge what a mighty force that red dye was. Mighty indeed.

I am the Prince of Whimsy. Hear me roar.

Seth Ward said...

prince of whimsy! love it!