Monday, March 05, 2007

A Few things That have Always Perplexed Me.

1. Why the word for dyslexia is the easiest word to jack-up and the most difficult word for a dyslexic person to spell. (I have yet to spell it correctly on the first try, including this time.)

2. Why the word for phonics is not spelled foniks.

3. Why a drive-way is called a drive-way and not a park-way.

4. Why people drink Diet Coke.

5. How ones breath can go from toothpaste good at night to "good-morning-dearI-just-ate-a-pile-of-fresh-manure-while-you-slept-BAD?"

6. Why we spend so much time (as men) washing our chest in the shower when it is probably the cleanest part of our bodies. You would think that we fall chest-first into a dirt every day.

7. Yawning. The REAL reason for yawning is still a mystery. There are theories, but it still doens't explain why when one person yawns it inspires all to yawn.

8. Using the bathroom in Heaven. Will we or won't we?

Got any life-long perplexers?


Chaotic Hammer said...

You know, there's an author named David Feldman who has written a series of books about this kind of stuff. My brother gave me his first book many years ago:


Very fun, trivial, amusing stuff.

Pendrax said...

Why do they call it a "hot water heater"... shouldn't it be a cold water heater?

whosebob said...

How about ...

"How and why is it that Christ's death is integral to His accomplishing our Redemption?"

I've thought about many of the differing theological approaches to examining the Paschal Mystery, and I've never been fully satisfied ... it seems difficult to avoid circular reasoning and "begging the question" ...

I've "found" it's impossible to really get very far in such an inquiry w/o having or developing some sort of theory on "Why death?" as regards the punishment of our first parents' sin(s) and the Original Sin reality-condition passed on to their descendants (us).

Whatever the case, even as I gaze upon a crucifix I am able to give assent of my mind and heart to what my Church has her members verbally assert of our Eucharistic Lord during the communion rite of Holy Mass: Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world ...

Any thoughts?