Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Wife

My Wife is amazing. That is all there is to it. I have no clue how she is able to handle me or why she married me. I can be so confusing at times. I am A.D.D. of the charts, I am dyslexic so she is constantly proofreading my papers and essays, I can be a real slob, (at any random time there could be 4 coffee cups all over our apartment,) AND she married a dreamer. A BIG dreamer. It takes a special person to be married to one of those crazies. Just like it takes a special mom to raise a disabled child. (That is not meant as a joke!)

For the past 3 days she has done nothing but encourage and help me, full time, to pursue my dreams. Your spouse, more than anyone else should be the presence of Christ in your life. She is always that in some way or another, but many times I think spouses miss this part that she gets. They forget that the other has dreams. They are passionate. Amber takes the time to ask me what they are, she challenges me, lifts me up, and pushes me towards those passions and to fearlessly follow the Lord in what ever desire or dream He puts in my heart. While other people want to discourage me or tell me "you know, God doesn't always give you what you want" she is telling me it is still okay to risk the rejection, the hurt and to go ahead and ask or go for it. As a matter of fact it is better to ask and pursue, taking the chance of failure, than to sit and do nothing.

I could talk about her all day.

Plus she is totally HOT.

What a woman.


Anonymous said...

Yeah... you're right... your marriage is a complete mystery. I can relate.

And, Amber, I'm not sure how to respectfully agree with Seth's last sentiment, so I'll say that he's right about your beauty. Is that kosher?

operamama said...

yep, you got a great one.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I relate to you on so many levels, Seth, and this is just one more. My wife is all the things for me that Amber is for you. I literally can't comprehend where I would be right now without my wife, my life is millions of times better because of her.

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you guys when you visited here, and yes, it was immediately apparent, within a few minutes of meeting you two, why you brag on Amber so much.

All these amazing Proverbs 31 women...