Saturday, February 17, 2007

Be More, recap.

Be more. I know I have already blogged about this but I feel the need to summarize and reiterate. Be more. A Christian should feel deeper love, compassion, passion, desire, joy, and sorrow. In short, they should be more like a child. Not a child in the way that they lack wisdom, "childish" but in that there is a sense of wonder and amazement. Every saint should stand in the presence and know that the Spirit flows through them so magnificently that there could be no more or less. We simply pull back the curtain the more we seek Him and live to the fullest.

Stop looking behind you at mistakes or could-have would-haves in the past. Look forward to every day that is a brilliant and love-blinding gift. Engage in what is ahead. Regret or wishing you could have done something in the past, is delighting in that thing that you didn't do or that regret. When you do this you needlessly torture yourself. Delight in the Lord, in the here and now, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Ask God to help you 'feel' today and 'see' today how He sees. Soak it all in, because when you do, you are soaking in Him as well. He is in it all, and holds it together. He thinks that it is good and we should as well. He made it for us.

Soak it up people!

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Chaotic Hammer said...

Excellent words -- very well said.