Monday, February 05, 2007

I Did It

Nope I'm not talking about the test. Yeah I did that too and did okay. I'm talking about -I broke down this afternoon and bought myself a BIG MAC BABY.

Sentiments: Heartburn.

Regrets: None.

Feeling Fatter? Yes. This picture is what I feel like. (btw about that picture... What in the firetruck where they thinking?)

Burping hot burning air as I type? Yes

Needing a Nap? extra-Yes-with chili cheese.

Going to eat another one? Heck no. (at least for another year.)

Where's the Zantac...


Seth Ward said...

Seriously, I feel like dudu. I haven't felt this bad after a meal since I saw my dog eating its own poop and out of curiosity... well...

Chaotic Hammer said...

My wife started Weight Watchers a few months ago, and so there's lots of healthy food around here, and nothing else.

I won't lie -- I've actually become quite accustomed to healthy food, and am really enjoying it. Most of the times lately I've decided to try some kind of fast-food junk, I've had an experience similar to yours -- lots of indigestion, sluggish, my blood feels like it's mingled with grease and no longer flowing properly... yuk.

But I'm thankful, because I'm not having to force myself to eat healthy, or be miserable eating tasteless crap. I really enjoy the foods we're eating, and they really are pleasing to the palate -- without the sick-feeling after-effects.