Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Beauty of Bach

Try and forget all the billions of times you have heard this at weddings. Try to imagine this when it was fresh, and was straight from the soul of a composer the likes of whom Western Civilization has not seen since. He has toiled all week for a new Cantata, he brings in the parts, hands them to the boys choir, the instrumentalist, and after the Communion is observed, this Praise to God the Son echoes off the glorious stone and Marble walls of that German Church, filled to the brim with worshipers.

These words struck me today and brought me to tears. So listen and try to forget weddings, and think only of the one whom it exhalts. It may not be your thing, but what a great offering.

Jesus, joy of man's desiring
Holy wisdom, love most bright
Drawn by Thee, our souls aspiring
Soar to uncreated light
Word of God, our flesh that fashioned
With the fire of life impassioned
Striving still to truth unknown
Soaring, dying round Thy throne

It is well for me that I have Jesus
Steadfastly I cling to him
That he may refresh my spirit
When I am sad and sorrowful,
I have Jesus, he loves me
And gives himself for me;
Therefore I can never leave him,
Though my heart should break.


Anonymous said...


Amazing!! It is truly unbelievable!!

But I think you have a chance to top that with your dissertation composition. :)

Seth Ward said...


He man I miss the heck out of ya. When you guys coming back up? Test on Monday and Wed. Pray for me.

Also, for those of you did have this played at your wedding, and you probably did, I meant no offense. Most of the times I have heard it, it was played poorly and without the words which are my favorite part.

Brant said...

Seth, is this work superior, artistically, to "Mama Said Knock You Out"?


Seth Ward said...

Depends on the superiority of the listener.

Brant said...

Are some people better-equipped to evaluate?

If not, can I please now have a job as a music prof?

Seth Ward said...

Are you trying to trick me? You wily sucker.

Yes, there are. And yes you can have a job.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I've always loved this song, and have actually never heard it at a wedding. Maybe my friends aren't high-brow enough to play it at their weddings or something. Not sure.

I haven't been to any weddings for quite a while anyway. Went to one for a young couple in our small group a few years ago in California, and before that -- hmmm. It's been a long time.

Note that being in your 20's and 30's is when you attend many of these, as all your friends/peers start pairing up and getting hitched.

I'm at the age where the next round of weddings I go to will be when my daughter and other kids her age will be the ones getting hitched. [Yikes]