Monday, March 30, 2009

The State of the Union...

Things are good. Spring is ITCHING to say hello. However, it remains on the chill side. Al Gore and his global warming man/bear/pig theories can kiss it.

Besides, talk to any non-pop star scientist and they'll tell you that the earth's climate is highly cyclical. And truth be told, we are experiencing probably the best and most consistent weather the earth has ever seen. Every planet in the solar system is heating up, or at least they were heating up. Anyways, poor Al. Seems like every time he trucks up to D.C. to promote global warming awareness, D.C. is hit by a record-breaking blizzard.

Plus, who the heck has anything to worry about with Obama in the White House? Problemo solved. I hear he's got a plan to subsidize sunshine and cut sunshine for people making over 250k a year by 3-8%. Besides, they don't need as much sunshine as poor people. We've got to spread the sunshine around.

How bout that new Government Motors? Huh?

I think New Yorkers are really ready for some Springtime weather. If the temperature even sneaks above the 50 degree mark and if the sun peeps out for a half hour, Central Park is overwhelmed with joggers and people with Frisbees.

However, the cold weather seems to linger on. And the City folk get a little grumpier with each passing day. A little old lady gave me the bird yesterday from the passenger's seat of her very nice car. That that little old wrinkly third finger studded with a 600 karat costume jewelry ring looked hilarious. Her facial expression was priceless. It made my day.

That should tide me over till the good weather hits.

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