Thursday, March 26, 2009

Proud Hubby (Amber in NY Times!)

My amazing wife made it into the New York Times again in a review of her show "Little Women." (That's her on the far left.)

"...A similar fresh-faced promise is exhibited by the actresses who play her sisters — Kim Carson as romance-hungry Meg, Amber Ward as gentle Beth...

Considering it is the Times reviewing, the show did pretty well. About one out of 20 reviews are even slightly kind. In a recent review of the musical "Shrek" the reviewer described as the experience as similar to watching people stand around in hot dog costumes at the mall.

As for Little Women, basically, the reviewer isn't the biggest fan of the musical adaptation, and in this production she thought that the mics were up too high for Joe.

Read the rest here.

Btw, it is REALLY hard to watch Amber die, or at least know that she dies offstage.


Kristin said...

thats awesome! You all are doing so great in NY.

(don't you mean dies "onstage"? not off stage?)

Seth Ward said...

Awe, thanks!

Actually, she dies "offstage" but you know that she is going to die when she sings "let me go now," and the light dims on her.

Electric Monk said...

Beth DIES in Little Women?! Way to ruin it!

Fork said...

The last part of the review is written in such a way that it sounds like she thinks the guy would have made a better Jo.

That made me laugh.

Congrats, Amber!

Susanne said...

Way to go, Amber!!!

Kelly said...

Congrats Amber and thanks for sharing Seth!