Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sorry Folks

I've been out of pocket here lately and that's no fun for the blogging MASSES that read this religiously. I know that I get a little grumpy when some of my favorite bloggers take a vacation and don't seem to care about the rest of us... Selfish. *cough*BRANSEN*cough* Seriously.

See, I'm important. And important people should be missed. Every word missing from the luminous monitor is like a empty honeysuckle for the thirsty hummingbird. Yes, yes. You know it is true. Even now, you revel in my genius metaphors. Okay, alright. Calm down. Here's another: Reading a healthy/amazing/genius blog (mine) is like the feeling you get when you pull the mother load of bellybutton lint out in the shower. Something about it just feels so first-class - an achievement of sorts: "Good morning world, navel clean! The fort has been retaken!" There. Satisfied? Well, no worries. There's more were that came from. But you'll just have to wait... like a little baby gimp mouse waits for hist turn at his momma mouse's teat, or like the wind waits for a young Afghanistan-slave-made kite... or like the Mexican summer beach waits for middle-aged-man-spandex-thongs to hover above its foaming shores.

In other news: Rounding third on my dissertation. Defend on the 20th. As of now, I will be defending with a little plastic sword, and instead of a cape I'll be wearing hot-dog vendor shock. (See: Confederacy of Dunces) I was supposed to have sent it to my professor yesterday + one day. (Tuesday) I guess that would be yesterday minus one day. Whaterr' you get the picture. I'm late.

In other GOOD news: The CPC Choir is officially up and rocking. We had our first rehearsal last night and holy schmolly, can these folks sing. I'm pretty pumped about conducting the Messiah this Christmas.

Speaking of singers, I also found out that sometimes Rod Stewart sneaks in the back of the church for a listen. I swear to all things under a dollar that if he comes in I'm going to bust into a very touching music-worship-style version of "If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, come on sugar let me know!"

And speaking of rockstars, it is very difficult to concentrate on my dissertation when I know that 20 blocks down the street Bono and the gang are probably giving a surprise concert. They've named a street after them. I think it should be a permanent name though. None of this temporary crud. I'm veeeeeery tempted to be pathetic fan boy and go down there for an autograph. Alls I got to say is, if that happens, "Move over autographed photo of Def Leppard's one-armed drummer, and autographed picture of Heart."

Alright, that about does it for today. Maybe even for the next week or two.

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