Tuesday, August 12, 2008

piddly post from my iphone

Hey friends and enemies (i.e. whoever engineered the traffic-light timing system in Prestonsburg, KY,) I will be posting regular in a week or so. We have zilcho Internet. This here post is brought to you via my iPhone. Thus far, this post has taken 30 minutes on the count of the half of a bar of a signal my phone is picking up. Shows end Saturday and we'll be pretty much slammed till then so I couldnt post if I wanted to. Getting a headache now. Off to see the Wizard! (on park and seventy-third, that is.)

Ten points to whoever decodes that last sentence.


Anonymous said...

( ha! I'm the first one to post a comment:-]HI SETH!!!!!!!!!I am SO glad you wrote/blogged!!hope you are having fun in Kentucky!

Kelly said...

Hi Seth, great to hear from you...regards to Fancy!

Anonymous said...

(oh, sorry i forgot)ps.my guess of decoding the sentence is that "park and seventy third" is the street name of the theater! ~Audrey