Saturday, May 31, 2008

We Made It

The Kentucky mountains have two things in great abundance:

1. Trees.
2. Men sporting Mullets.

It is really beautiful up here. We are sharing a cabin with several young and enthusiastic people in the show. I fell just a tad like a camp councilor. The cabin where we landed houses most of the tech guys. They are all outside by the woods right now, burning scrap wood from the set and smoking... stuff. They seem to be pretty nice fellas. "Stuff" does that to ya though. I don't think I've ever met a mean "stuff" smoker. I don't know though, they may just be smoking good old home-grown tobacco.

Amber and I got lost in the mountains on our way back from the town food market, creatively named, "Food Town," as opposed to "Food Suburb," or "The Greater Food." Food Town had two things in abundance in its isles:

1. The biggest selection of Little Debbies I've ever seen.
2. Men sporting Mullets deciding on which Little Debbies they want for breakfast.

Getting lost in mountains, in the dark, is a tad creepy. A deer came flying out of the woods and in front of the car. I spared her life, or she spared mine. I think the deer had a mullet. However, it could have been a trick of the light. You know, like when you look at a light and then you look away and still see light? The deer could have just appeared to have a mullet from me staring too long at some dude's mullet whilst he gathered the ingredients for his morning Little Debbie omelet.

Yes, this post is just a tad on the city-slicking snob side.

Did I mention how beautiful it is up here?


The Cachinnator said...

A deer with a mullet is one of my new favorite things.

amoslanka said...

sounds like mullets are pretty contagious in that part of the country. you might want to go check the mirror real quick..

Chaotic Hammer said...

[Cue Dueling Banjos]

Chaotic Hammer said...

Also, we should connect a few dots here. Yes, it's homegrown. No, it's not tobacco. Little Debbies are great for the munchies. I'm just sayin'.

MamasBoy said...

Did you drive through the Red River gorge area? My wife and I spent our first anniversary hanging out there. It was stunningly gorgeous.


Seth Ward said...

Cach, the deer mullet is real.

C-ham, I could eat a whole box of oatmeal cream in one setting.

MB, I'm not sure but wherever we are is quite stunning. I think maybe Aspen is the only place that I've stayed that is as beautiful.

majorsteve said...

Little Debbies snack cakes, Mullet hair do's ...the question is WHY? No, seriously WHY? Think, Seth....look deeeeeper... WHY mullet's...WHY little Debbie snack cakes? There has to be a reason for the geocultural propensity towards mullet hair do's and Little Debbie snack cakes.

Shelley said...

Hello. First time here and I must say I enjoyed your post! Mullets seem to be alive and well here in South Korea too!

Super Churchlady said...

Seth - if you're seeing deer with mullets, you should maybe step away from the people smokin' the "stuff". You could, perhaps, be a victim of second-hand smoke. On the other hand...a deer with a mullet is pretty interesting.

euphrony said...

Watch out for anyone telling you they want to hear you squeal like a pig.

A.Macaroni said...

You'll probably fit in just fine. Ya always did have a perty mouth.

Seth Ward said...

Major, Maybe it has something to do with raccoons...

Shelly, Welcome! For some reason, a Korean with a mullet is a funnier image than a deer mullet.

Superchurch, maybe I don't want to step away from the happy clouds... something about them... the sort of... relax me.

Euph, I will. And thanks for not adding on the "fat boy" to that quote.

A.macaroni, sadly, I do fit in. And that ain't all that's perty buddy!

Michelle, we have been wanting to get over to see you guys and have talked about it several times. Maybe in the fall? Yeah, praise god we did sublet our place... However, we do go out of town from time to time... maybe you all could come up when we go see the folks? However, it WOULD be nice to see you guys. Did Jim ever start that book?

majorsteve said...

Bingo! Seth I can't believe your docter degree is already paying off big time. The mullet hair do is basically homage to the coon skin hat worn by white trash such as Daniel Boone. Also, racoons began developing a taste for Little Debbie's snack cakes over 30 years ago when McKee foods came out with the slogan "Little Debbie Has a Snack For You".

Your powers of observation and perception are unbelievable. Just what is it about people from New York that make them so much smarter than everyone else? It must be something in the water.

euphrony said...

Seth, I ain't got no business calling anyone "fat boy". No business at all.

MeR said...

I will pay you 5 bucks if you take pictures of the top 5 mullets you see.