Monday, May 26, 2008

New York State of Mind

Amber and I are heading out for Kentucky tomorrow and we are a little sad. We are excited about all the fun stuff we get to do but we have really grown to love our place here in the city, not to mention some new friends that feel like they've been our friends for a loooong time, and a really great church. (Of course it doesn't help that the weather up here has been nothing short of paradisal lately.)

I think part of the sadness comes from the fact that we are just feeling like we are getting settled in. Things are familiar to us and that's always hard to leave.

Everyone always gets a little antsy when they talk about moving to NYC because they can't imagine living in such a big and busy place. But one of the many cool things about the city is that every 5 blocks or so is its own little neighborhood. Pretty much everything you need is within your five blocks and that's essentially how it is for every 5-10 blocks in Manhattan.

Don't get me wrong, Kentucky is beautiful and we get to do some really great music in the middle of the rolling appalachian hills, but this past year has been a bit of a rollercoaster and just about the time we are feeling settled in our new place, we are up and out again. And by golly, there is something to be said about feeling settled. I've moved around my whole life and so has Amber. We know that Kentucky is were we are supposed to be this summer and we'll be so durn busy that the time will fly by like a Subway... sub...way.. AWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

And so it goes in this business.

You can never say never with God, but we have pretty much decided that after this, we doubt we'll be doing something like moving out for 11 weeks again. I'm sure it will be a blast and we'll have lots to share, but after this summer, we're thinking we might want to plant a few roots down here in this big awesome town. (Knock on wood praise the Lord.)

The blog will probably go silent for a week or two but as soon as we can, we'll give you an update!


The Aimful Wanderer said...

Just look at the bright side. You don't have to experience the Dante's Inferno that NYC becomes when the concrete is sizzling and the streets are clogged with Kentuckians buying cheap souvenirs when you need to get somewhere and the subways turn into high-powered ovens that make you consider calling home to say good-bye because you're certain if you don't die of a heatstroke someone will cut you open for accidentally brushing their sweaty body on a sharp curve.

Ah, NYC. I do miss that place...

Have a great time in Kentucky!

Seth Ward said...

Good reminder! Plus I hear the heat makes all the dog pee and garbage smell oh so yummy when it heats up.

Michelle said...

Why are you and Amber in Kentucky for the summer?

kelly said...

Safe trip and we look forward to updates!

operamom said...

yes, and you will definitely miss the stench coming from china town in july. one of the only times in my life I almost threw up from bad smells. if I had thrown up, the smell probibly would have blended in. sorry so gross.

Good luck this summer!

operamom said...

I think I spelled about five words incorrectly just there. sorry, in a hurry.

Seth Ward said...


Amber will be playing Dorothy in Wizard of OZ and Darlene in "Honky Tonk Angels" this summer at the Jenny Wiley Theater in Kentucky. It is one of Kentucky's few professional theaters. They hired me as the assistant musical director for the summer, so we get to go together!

Operamom, don't sweat it.

Michelle said...

Are you subletting your place?

Just curious, in case we decide to do a pilgrimage to the American Girl Place or somewhere equally meaningful in NYC this summer. Jim said, "Wouldn't we rather visit when Seth and Amber are home?" He has a point, but I admit I'm thinking possible low cost overnight.

You will have to visit Boston, ya know.