Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Coming Soon To a Blog Near You... (my blog, btw)

Also... New news from the Neuropsychologist... Seth Ward is officially ADHD, slightly dyslexic, and...

Evidently, according to the doc and his preliminary initial assessment of my test results... I'm officially OCD. Been that way since I was a little tike. Furthermore, the ADD acts as a nice little compliment to the OCD. I tend to obsess over the things that I can't remember and mull over them - obsessively until I no longer sleep. Causes ALLLLL kinds of guilt and procrastination. Pretty enlightening stuff. It was one of those moments when someone tells you something and its like a GONG goes off that sort of explains the missing piece that describes your whole life's angst.

I've always playfully suspected OCD because when I was a kid I used to get up 4 times a night to check the oven and door locks, and worry constantly that I had every disease that I would hear or read about, and worry that a fire would consume us all in the night, and worry about my sisters dying, and worry about the end times, and worry that my mom and dad were getting divorced, even though they were and still are hot on each other. It it wasn't for my mom and dad's patient understanding, I'd probably be in the looney bin. It became a weekly routine to wake my dear old dad up in the middle of the night with my new fear and obsession for the week. I can still see my dad sitting across the living room, in his recliner, with his disheveled hair and wearing his robe telling me, "no son, your growth isn't stunted and you don't have a brain tumor. It's all in your mind, well not the tumor just your worryin' about it. You are perfectly fine. Now, lets pray."

I suppose that tendency to obsess never went away.

I guess I just thought I eventually grew out of those old OCD tendencies. Try again. Still there evidently. I'll hear the full report next week after the doc and his crew have had a chance to decipher the code of my noggin. And good lord, what a test. All day at looking at puzzles and answering the MOST probing questions imaginable. Sheesh. However when the real couch sessions started, it turned out to be pretty darn cool.

Anyways, until then, you will get a full update on my theories of planet X and how it will very soon change our world... forever.


SoD said...

Planet X is real … so real it’s just one of three reasons why Rapture and the Quickening, were Ancient Planes for a Planet Evacuation …. Such celestial objects referred to as a Dark Star … are Core-like Planets similar to this Earth ….the heat generated from the core of a Dark Star .. makes a planet visible in this manner …. Another name Planet X has is the New Earth …. as Planet X sets in it’s ‘Open Pocket’ of space … it sets in it’s own reality … a reality which is out of sync or out of frequency harmony outside areas it’s passes orbit …. if the planet orbit takes it close enough to Earth … the very force generated by it’s passing …. could push Earth out of it’s place …. This is just one aspect of all things coming together during this era of ending times …. Earth’s inner core is transforming …

Yet if the very force generated at Planet X passing were not to harm this planet, it’s Wormwood would indeed do so …. Wormwood …. A crystallized wormhole portal dragging through space and time, as an anchor chain dragging through the sea of space.

This is what the Planet X brings in it’s passing … the anchor’s crystallized tunnel does much damage not only to what we can see in distance space … but it’s damaging drag penetrates through even those celestial colony’s unseen pockets of space which orbits also within this solar system … yet this Crystallized Wormhole doest not extend from Planet X itself … but from that Lighted glow that travels with Planet X … these types of lighted glows in their creations are first referred to as a double hull Lunar Facility …. In proper working condition, such Lunar Facilities develops into a beautiful white Light as bright as our sun, but gives no heat ….. These are referred to as a Morning Star … because of this dragging crystallized tunnel … Earthens and Celestials associated with this solar system are in grave danger … Now comes the Destroyer !!

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FancyPants said...

You may now add to the following sentence the italicized words:

"It it wasn't for my mom and dad's and wife's patient understanding, I'd probably be in the looney bin."


MamasBoy said...

The acronyms attached to your person have more letters than your first name. Perhaps you can make a new middle name out of them, or start writing them after your name so people think they are official titles of some sort.

aA said...

I would think the ADHD would counteract the OCD; seems like you'd lose focus on what you were obsessing about. Unless of course, you just obsessed about something NEW...

I don't know, maybe I have a touch of tha---oOOoH, something shiny!

majorsteve said...

You should probably read this Seth:

Super Churchlady said...

I fear your newest obsession is Planet X. ;-)

Greg said...

Thanks for sharing this post. It gives a clear meaning anddefination as to 'what is procrastination'. Here is a website that has interesting information regarding procrastination. Might want to read up something from there as it has plenty of easy guides on how to stop procrastination.

Kelly said...

Awww Seth, you are blessed. ...AND Fancy, I love your heart! Your comment is very two are blessed to have one another. God bless!!

Fork said...

Uhh...just watch out for the meds, bud.

You're not alone.

I have a fear that my roommate has left the refrigerater door open and I can't go to sleep until I've gotten up and pressed on the door firmly with my hand so I KNOW it's closed.

Also, before I go on stage, I check my zipper at least twelve times. Even if I'm wearing a robe or something, I'll reach under it and check my zipper. I'm terrified I'm going to go out on stage with my zipper down. I'll check it, then a minute later, I'll check it again because you NEVER KNOW.

The list goes on.

And, for the record, I FIRMLY believe that if ANY of us went in to see these doctors, we'd all--EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US--walk out diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.

For the love, people, our poor, still-developing child brains were ruined by Sesame Street, afternoon cartoons, and MTV. None of those programs sit still for longer than 45 seconds. Connection?

Oooh. Now, don't get me agitated. I don't have my nerve pills.

Seth Ward said...

Forky, you need to come over and hang with the Wards.

And you are correct, YOU NEVER KNOW.

Chaotic Hammer said...

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