Monday, May 19, 2008


Soooooo. How's it going? Been slam-busy here learning three honking scores. The music I have to learn in about a week:

A Chorus Line
Wizard of Oz
Honky Tonk Angels.

Don't get me wrong, I like the music. I LOVE the Wizard of OZ. Its just that... that's a dang buttload of music to learn in a week. A crap-blasted-drive-me-to-smoke bunch of music.

Other than that, I just haven't been in the mood to blog lately. I can't figure out why either. I've read plenty of things blog-worthy. Like, the Pope declaring E.T. as our alien-brothers and sister... things in Christ. I found that to be both a tad weird and cool as heck.

Speaking of cool, Iron Man was cool... Prince Caspian was cool as well, although, Iron Man was cooler...

I've been reading a bunch about how people are ticked off at the deviations from Lewis' book. Come on. What do you expect? Personally, there were only two things that annoyed me about the movie, the rest I enjoyed a great deal. Here goes: 1. Prince Caspian's hair. He had way to much hair and it made me envious. 2. Kids fighting battles. Not that I think kids shouldn't fight and kill, I do. But it's just not realistic. I can't get into toddler blood-battles, only because I really don't believe that they can kick butt. Maybe if they were some sort of cybertronic terminator kid. Now, that would be a bad-a munchkin. (Okay, as I wrote the second annoying thing I remembered a third annoying thing.) 3. Aslan was cooler this time around, but they made the lion smile when he hugged Lucy. I thought that was a little gay. (That is not meant to offend any homosexual reading this, and is purely a slang term, meaning I thought Aslan smiling was lame. In fact, I tried to think of another word to use, but gay just sort of best wrapped up what I was feeling about the smiling lion, so there you have it.)

But there is something about those Narnia books... they remind me of something. Sort of reminds me of Christianity. Hmmm. I wonder if they are Allegorical?

Truth is, they are not. There are parallels for sure, but Lewis did not set out to write an Allegory. He set out to write a fantasy world, the Allegory was incidental/more intentional as time went by. I do love the parallels to Christianity, but first I want to see a fantasy. I figure that God gave us this big ole' imagination... and we've already got the Bible stories, which are great. So why not make up some new stories?

Ironman: Kicked A-S-S. Bigtime. Roberto Downy Jr. is one of our generation's most amazing talents. I am so glad that guy is done visiting the slammer. It's about time. More detailed review of that coming...

Anywho, that's about it for me tonight. Sorry I don't have much more to offer for your evening pleasure. I apologize for the grotesque overuse of the word "cool" but my window is open by my desk and the air that floweth througheth it is nice and... cooooooool. I suppose I could have substituted cool with "neatopaskeeto" or "fantastilicious" but I'm too lazy and this is a blog. You get to read it for free. That gives me the right to overuse cool until it morphs into a giant fingernail craping down your cranial chalkboard. cool cool cool cool cool cool cool. CoooooooooooooooOOOOOOoooooOOOOOooooL.

I sure will miss NYC. Man, will I ever. It has been a sunny 65 degrees steady for the past two weeks. Central Park has been downright dreamy.

In the immortal words of Kip Dynamite, "Peath Out."


Electric Monk said...

Yeah, Iron Man was way good. I was skeptical going into it - oh, look, yet ANOTHER superhero movie. But Downey completely pulled it off. Because of the film, I've gone back and started reading some of the old comics from the '60s. Man, they are so tremedously cheesy.

Vitamin Z said...

"A crap-blasted-drive-me-to-smoke bunch of music" - funniest thing I have heard today. love it.