Thursday, May 01, 2008

H-Town fun: White and Nerdy.

Since I've been back in Houston, I have:

Played for my Church here, and sang one of my favorite hymns with some of my favorite people.

In the process of mixing several tracks of an upcoming record that I produced for my good buddy, Cary. (Gonna rock people!)

Recorded a new song of mine in the wee hours of the morning with Josh Moore.

Taken a German exam for my Doctorate, (and rocked it, I hope... dear Lord please.)

Played with my little niece and nephew until they about gave me a heart attack.

And, last but not least, I got to play on a major up and coming Rap Hip Hop record. That's right, you heard me. It was so darn cool. I don't even like rap music, or didn't... I should say. My buddy, Josh Moore, producer and writer of some of Caedmon's Call's best and most well-known songs songs, not to mention the co-producer and writer of Bethany Dillon's first record, not to mention Bitter Kiss- his greatest opus, is now... producing an incredible Rap record for a pretty darn famous Hip Hop artist. (whose name I am not allowed to tell) This particular Rapper has 3 songs right now in the top ten billboard hits or whatever. Evidently Houston is somewhat of a new phenom when it comes to rap music. Something called the Dirty South. So, old Sethro will have his name listed on this guys next record as one of the musicians.

However, my trip really hasn't felt complete because I haven't managed to fit in some sort of major dental torture. There's always next time.


MeR said...

And, you have NOT slept over at the Holtzman House. Grrr!

Seth Ward said...

I'm coming friday little sister!

Michelle H said...

I may just have to purchase my first rap album.

Seth Ward said...


Good lord, just don't send it to my mother. As a matter of fact, lets just keep this rap thing between us.

katy said...

When we say "dirty south" we mean in "I went to Lupe's for mexican food and it was so good but I got the dirty south."