Monday, April 21, 2008

The Carson Daily Mystery

Am I the only person that watches Carson Daily with a strong sense of shock and awe? Is he really that good at duping people into thinking that he is cool, or least of all, funny? I have tried, over and over to find some reason why he has a show and I have come up empty handed and in full yawn, every single time.

Maybe it's because he reminds me of one of those popular guys in High School that somehow knew all the popular hot girls. One of those guys that just seemed untouchable. One of those guys who you just knew... that if you could just get to be his buddy, THEN you'd have a chance with the cheerleaders. But then, when you got to know him, you found out that he was really a doof, and you wonder why in the world you ever left all of your poor, lower-class but super-hilarious friends to climb the social ladder to be best buddies with a complete gonad.

I hate to be mean, but I really don't think the man is one tiny bit funny. I think he did a good job on MTV, because he was sort of "that kind of chap." Next to Britney, he even seemed a little authentic. But sweet Jehosophat, he is no comedian nor is he near the coolness of Conan, by a long shot. Yet, it is painfully apparent that someone thinks he is cool. It is just kinda sickening to watch. I almost feel sorry for him. I've never watched a talk show where so many of my emotions are vying for dominance: Hatred, compassion, boredom, sleepiness, (not an emotion really), smugness, indifference...

I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who just love him to death. God bless you. But me, I don't know... maybe it just brings back to many painful high school and leaving too many good friends behind.

Whatever the case. I tried to like Carson. I failed. Therefore, nary another moment shall be waisted watching yon Carson.


This Southern Belle said...

I don't get him, but I didn't when he was on TRL either.

majorsteve said...

Hey Seth, If it makes you feel any better I don't even know who Carson Daly is. I'm serious. I could bump into him at the store and wouldn't have a clue. I never watched TRL and am not 100% sure what that is, Total Request Line maybe? I'm just a half generation removed from that act I guess.

cool dad said...

i have little opinion on Mr. Daly, as I didn't watch TRL or his show.

someone I do find quite unfunny is Jimmy Kimmel. IIRC, it seems that squinting and laughing at your own jokes is his thing. what an unfunny thing. his delivery is more painful to watch than Cool Mum's was. (rimshot)

now that's funny. ^_^

Chaotic Hammer said...

When I lived in California some years back, I helped a friend move down to LA, and then stayed down there for a week to hang out.

One of the things we tried to do was get in to see Jay Leno do his show. We stood in line for a while, but when they started letting people in, the studio was filled up right before we made it into the door. So we didn't get to see it.

But they quickly announced that if you wanted to stick around for a little while, they'd be happy to let us all in to see the Late Late Show, (or whatever it's called). We thought about it for a second, but decided we'd stood in line too long to settle for the consolation prize, so we went home.

I think I've watched Carson Daly for a cumulative grand total of about one minute and twenty-two seconds. That was enough.

The Aimful Wanderer said...

Sometimes I catch the first part of Carson Daly after Conan when I'm too lazy to reach for the remote. (I suspect this is how he gains most of his viewers.) I usually get the impression that poor awkward Carson is stuck in some sort of hell dimension where he is forced to be a talk show host even though he doesn't want to. He knows his jokes are bad. You can tell he doesn't even think they're funny. He's like a puppet on a string. I want to break my tv and set him free to sell used cars or pet insurance.