Saturday, March 08, 2008

Suitcases Filled with Elves

Does anyone else but me ever notice how the first hundred or so suitcases that come meandering out of the black flappers are never taken? No one ever touches the first slew of suitcases. So, either the first suitcases are simply props used to tick off anxiously awaiting, tired and late passengers, or they are filled with elves. Why not elves? It is just a plausible as any other solution.

I don't know. Just seems fishy. If not elves then it is just downright unfair that the people who get to the baggage claim first and are anxious to get their bags and catch a bus to everliving train station are NEVER the people who get their luggage first. Nooo Sir. When the first fifty bags snaked their way around the 20 or so passengers, who was the first soul to pull a bag off the trolly-thing? An old grumpy buzzard in a wheel chair, fifteen minutes AFTER the buzzer buzzed and the baggage thingermerbob started to move.


Kelly said...

Lol! On a more serious note, how about not seeing the baggage at all? Or even losing baggage while in the same state, if that makes any sense? Thanks for the laugh as always and greetings to your other half!

Chaotic Hammer said...

And there's always slime in the ice machine at restaurants in Houston.

This Southern Belle said...

Ok, I'll never approach the baggage claim without thinking of the little elves. Thanks for the laugh :)