Monday, March 31, 2008

New Favorite Word

Hi kids! Anytime you hear this word today, scream really loud. My new favorite word for the day is: Niggled.

Niggle: "To annoy."

Had anyone else heard of this word? I saw it recently in a news article about Stonehenge, of all things. I have some theories as to why it might have gone out of style. However, I like it. "Shut your yapper. You're niggling the crap out of me."

Okay, I just tried it in a couple more sentences. Nevermind. I discovered that it was ever-so easy to add a lisp. Just doesn't cut it in the ole' American dialect, unless of course, you are a man who drinks tea with a raised pinkie. However, it works just fine if you use a British or Irish accent. Dang those Brits. They get all the good words. Like "Brilliant," and "Tally Ho!" and "Throw some shrimp on the Barbie!" and "Mermaid off the port bow!" and most importantly, "Not this time, Potter!"

Now, be honest, how many of you just tried "Niggle" out with one of the three: lisp, British accent or Irish accent? And which works best?


Chaotic Hammer said...

Tried it with the British accent (before reading your final paragraph), and it worked great.

But "shrimp on the barbie" is Australian.

Dang those Brits. They get all the good words.

No need to get down on your American words or dialect, amigo. Apparently, over there they like our dialect just fine, and are not impressed by our attempts to mimic theirs.

Seth Ward said...

Oh, knew "shrimps on the barbie" wasn't british! A little fun there.

It is annoying when people imitate the British accent, or the British writing. However, as Stephen King says, "the British can make an advertisement for Prep-H sound like the *%#$ Magna Carta."

majorsteve said...

Seth sometimes you can be such a niggler.

Super Churchlady said...

Whoa...this whole conversation is making me a bit nervous.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Seth - So true. I've noticed that employing a person with some sort of European dialect is the de facto standard for advertising certain types of products -- shampoo and conditioner, for example.

kristin said...

So how would you say it in this way, " is annoying..." - " is niggling," ?

I do like this word... and i will use it, and say it with a british accent.

Seth Ward said...

Major... hehe. Yes, yes I can.

Superchurch, fear not, it is still a free country! At least until the next election...

Kristen, tally ho! (Go for it.) I'm glad you like it too!