Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Few Updates

The Cachinator was in the Ward house this evening. We watched the Cowboys get whupped, ate Hint of Lime Tostidos covered with cheap, crappy cheese dip, drank Guinness... root... beer and had a grand ole' time.

Apartment update: Amber (a.k.a. Fancypants) and I found a new apartment and we love it. However, during the apartment application process, I also found out that I am a victim of identity theft. Some cat named "Omar" jacked my social security number to get himself a Sprint phone and charge-up the bill 689 bucks in one month. My credit, which was in the high 700's five months ago, is now in the mid-high 600's. Not good. So now I have to go through that whole wonderful clear-my-credit process. Yippee Skippee. Gee I wish I had a maypole to jump around in childlike glee.

All day I've been fighting off visions of beating the crap out of Omar with a dirty plunger and/or an Irish shillelagh.

iphone review: I love it. I'm not gonna lie, that iphone is one attractive piece of techno-delightfulness. If my iphone were a woman it would be Grace Kelly... (I was going to say Amber, but I'm not sure she wants to be compared to a phone) So, if my iphone is Grace Kelly, that means my old Treo is a big fat, hairy, belching, shirtless, smelly drunk trucker, in a blue-jean thong.

After a week of using my iphone/ipod/calender/email-checker I can't believe I used to hold that big oversized brain-tumor-accelerator-of-a-Treo to my face. The only time I was ever thankful for the Treo was when it kept my face warm in the bitter, bitter frigid wind. But the weather has been uncommonly beautiful lately so even that flaw/one-redeeming-quality is inconsequential.

And believe it or not, since I got my iphone and switched to the family plan we've lowered our bill by 150 smackers a month!!!


euphrony said...

So does the iPhone lower your cholesterol, too? How about do the dishes? No? Cheap peace of Apple crap! Ha! You should get what I've been using - much better than anything on the market.

Bummer about Omar. I bet he doesn't look anything like you. He probably doesn't drink - root - beer, either. I'll keep a watch out for any suspicious Omar's here in Houston.

Are Omar's indiscretions effecting your application process for the new apartment, or will that go ahead anyway?

Chaotic Hammer said...

So are y'all still going to be on the Upper West Side?

Just last weekend I ran credit reports on myself and my wife, just to make sure we don't have anything like this on our credit records.

You can get reports once a year from all three major credit-reporting agencies for FREE, all from a single site:

Free Annual Credit Report

That's the one that is truly free. I've used it for a few years now, and it doesn't generate junk mail or spam of any kind. The ones you hear advertised on TV and radio all the time are NOT truly free -- they are trying to sell you products related to monitoring your credit and stuff like that, for a monthly fee.

When you link to each of the three agencies, they will try to sell you access to your scores, or "protection" services, but you can turn them down and say "I just want my free credit report", and that's all you'll get. Just be prepared to use a lot of paper when you print these out -- they can get pretty long (but it's definitely worth it).

Seth Ward said...

Euph, yes it does lower your cholesterol. I suppose it could do the dishes if properly programmed but then again, when using the iphone, one doesn't bother with crumbs and such. The iphone equip with a lazer vaporizer that tazers any and all crumbs that might fall from your lips, before they even hit the plate.

Yes, Omar could have been a problem. Luckily, we got the apartment anyways!!!!!!!!! Just like that!

Cham, I heard about the freebie just yesterday from our broker but didn't have a link. I think the Lord is trying to tell me something here with you jumping right in with the link.

I will definitely use that. Thanks!

And yes, we will be staying in the Upper West side thank you very much. Heck yes. Still small, but fits our needs better.

Amy said...

In fact, it's recommended to use one of your free credit reports once every four months rather than running them all at once. That way you can keep an eye on it all year. Big bummer about Omar.

Kristin said...

Hey, Brody's purchase of the i phone lowered our bill by 30 bucks a month!

That is crazy about the credit thing, I've been hearing about that a lot lately...

The Cachinnator said...

Treos rule. May your face forever be cold on the Upper West Side.