Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Facebook too hard. Me too lazy, or too dumb.

I get a message or two per day from people who post stuff on my superwall, funwall, fartwall, superduper-pooper wall. I get vampire bites, werewolf hugs, snowballs; the list goes on. Don't get me wrong, I think it's sweet, and I'm glad to be liked... but I always feel a bit like the guy who showed up to the costume party and forgot to wear a costume. Or the kid in the children's choir who is doing the choreography opposite of the rest of the choir.

For instance, someone just posted something on my "funwall," whatever the heck that is, and I clicked on it so see what they wrote. Facebook immediately sent me to a place to sign up for the funwall. Huh? How can someone leave a message on my funwall when I haven't signed up for it. See, it's little things like that. I don't know, it feels a little like playing dress-up or dolls. Myspace was confusing enough, Facebook seems a little like a cyber Rubik cube and apparently, I am color-blind this stage in my oldmandom.


Humming Bird said...

I know what you mean! I finally created an account a few weeks ago. I find it annoying, not to mention the layout is boring. And I love how it monitors every little thing you do, as if people really care that you just wrote on Billy's wall =)

Super Churchlady said...

I hear ya', Bro. I think it senses if you're over 30 and does things just to mess with you. E.g., Don't add the Compare People application. I did and it compared all my "friends" as if I had done it. Some were more "kissable" than others. Needless to say - I deleted it in a big hurry.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I agree about Facebook. For all the bad things about MySpace (and there are plenty), I don't find it nearly as stupid and cluttered as Facebook.

I have both, and rarely use or visit either one any more. But at least with MySpace, I feel like it's the devil I know and understand -- Facebook seems foreign and strange.

Seth Ward said...

I think the layout is a little boring too. It seems so... white.

Super Churchlady, you know you joined Facebook to hook up with the college fellas. Either that or to find a new home for fifi or pooky or bambi... whatever the name of that new dog you got to replace Mer.

C-hamm, I can't hardly stand either. If I get one more band invite on myspace I'm gonna... not... go there anymore. Yeah.

Becky said...

Found your blog through ... um ... somebody (maybe Shaun G?). Anyway just had to comment on this post.

I feel the same way about Facebook. Like I don't quite get it. And I'm usually pretty adept at figuring these technology things out.

Ha ha ... "cyber Rubik cube" pretty much sums it up.

FancyPants said...

Facebook rocks. It's rad.

And it's not about the layout. It's about options, Seth. Options.

And gossip.

Stephen and Haley said...

Thanks for the facebook analysis.

I haven't committed to the facebook cult-world yet. Although I there is constant pressure to sign-up.

I feel like a non-Christian who stumbled upon a youthgroup rally!

Oh well. What to you do.

kevin said...

Yeah, I tried the face book thing. Not happening. Fancypants said it was about options. A few yrs. ago Darryl Worley released a song called "Too Many Pockets On My Shirt". This song is the epitome of today's culture giving too many options in life.

I don't need options. It's too confusing. So I'll stick with myspace and the little 13 yr. olds wearing little of nothing twisting their bodies in ways to make them know the full extent of provocativeness. Not that I like that, but I choose the lesser of two evils per se!

Amy said...

I have something like 60 requests that I'm ignoring. I have a friend who hasn't added any applications, and I think that's the way to go. It's been really great for connecting with old friends and yes, seeing what everyone is writing on everyone else's walls, and playing Oregon trail...but it does get awful messy with all the walls and stuff.