Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bono Jovi?

Is it just me, or does Bon Jovi's latest single... can't remember the name... too lazy to look up... I heard it at the theater tonight... anyways, is it just me or is he channeling Bono?

John, John, John. Bon. Jovi. Come on buddy. You wrote Bad Medicine and Livin' on a Prayer. Don't be sinking to imitation. Especially not Bono-tation. First off, you would be finally admitting the defeat of hair band rock and sinking to the "four on the floor-where-the-streets-have-no-name" level of about 1,200 bad wanna-be U2 worship bands worldwide. (Which ironically, was exactly what U2 decided NOT to be when they came to America.)

So get back on that steel horse in a blaze of glory, quit that "wooo hooo-ing" Bono-style nonsense, and make us remember why you guys survived the 80's.

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