Thursday, November 02, 2006

Studly "Worship"

So when did leading worship become studly? I overheard these two highschool kids the other day discussing the various studly merits of their favorite studly worship studs.

Cool Highschool Kid no. 1: "Tod"

Cool Highschool Kid no. 2: "Chad"

Tod: "Yeah, I saw #### doing worship the other day he was pretty awesome"

Chad: "Yeah he was pretty bad-assed. I totally think he is better than -----"

Tod: "Oh totally. But -----'s gotee is tight and the set was pretty stinkin tight."

Chad: "Right on. Plus he's like 9 feet tall and lanky. He just looks like a cool worship guy. Well the set was better but the band for ##### was amazing. I hear hear -----s got a book out er somethin'..."

Tod: "Yeah ... "

[A second or two of silence came as the two began to venture into the possibilities that the man who wrote that book might be a little deeper than the one who had the "better" band.]

Tod: So I hear your doin' worship tonight...

Chad: "Yeah, I'm thinking about goin to this worship leading school next year... teaches you how to like... lead worship and stuff."

Tod: "Dude, you already are awesome at leading worship..."

Chad: "Yeah but not as cool as ----- or #####. I hear this place can really polish up your skills."

Around the corner, out of site, I wanted to shed tears of vomit.

From now on, as penance for causing young people to think that worship is about hair-gel, gotees, cool sets and killer guitar riffs, we should only allow little children to lead people in singing. Goofy nose-picking and parent waving to boot.

OR... Maybe the bulletin could look like this one Sunday out of the month.


Seth Ward said...

I especially like the green underlining on the program. That is a nice touch. You should slow down on your art. Too much thought and creative energy go into these things. One could get lazy and just redo the picture so as to omit the great green element of artistic flare. Too much for people I say. Too edgy.

Susanne said...

That is hilarious!!! I like that program idea. You and Amber are, like, cool worship leaders...dude. :)

Anonymous said...

I think I look pretty good when I lead "Here I Am to Worship".


Seth Ward said...

I think I am going to write a praise song and title it: "I"

"And I, I, I said I, Iiiiiieeee. Well I, I, I, Iiiiiiiieeeee, I me, I me I me I me I me me me me me myself and I


....Do you see me God?

(Guitar solo and repeat)

Anonymous said...

Check me out, O Lord
See, I'm ever cool
Check me out, O Lord
I guess I kinda rule

You are the potter
I'm like Jars of Clay
'cept a bit younger
I guess more like the Fray

Check me out, O Lord
Check out this earnest look
Check me out, O Lord
See web info to book



Seth Ward said...

I have a cramp in my side from the howling laughter.