Monday, November 27, 2006

Five Things That Will Always Be Funny

1. My Dad when annoyed. "Son, don't you think its time that you go RAKE your room." or "Son, you know if you get bored you could just roll off your bed and make trash-angels in the floor."

2. My friend Joey Mcfarland trying to run or play basketball

3. Seinfeld, "Bro episode"

4. My wife and my sister's uncanny ability to distort common phrases.

Wife:"This is such a busy airport. I think it is a major hubub."

Sister:"I really want to go see that movie with Nichole Kidman that is a musical, Baton Rouge"

And finally, something that will always and forever be funny regardless of age, culture or race-

5. Accidental farting in Church.

Lets hear yours.


Seth Ward said...

Not "lets hear yours as in your farting" but lets hear some things that will always be funny to you, besides of course the farting.

Anonymous said...

The Three Stooges

Poop jokes

Picking on my little sister

Oh... so many things...

Chaotic Hammer said...

Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

It doesn't matter that I've seen it literally hundreds of times, and can quote most of it verbatim. It just always strikes me as funny.

And I'll have to second Cach's "poop jokes". Those are my wife's favorite.

And like Cach... oh, so many things...

Anonymous said...

The scene from "Tommy Boy" where the deer comes back to life in the back seat.

Seth Ward said...

Poop jokes will always be funny. Agreed. As a matter of fact the word "poop" itself will always be funny.

Monty Python, for sure. "Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?"

Susanne, the scene from Tommy Boy you mentioned made me laugh out loud. I forgot about that one.