Thursday, November 30, 2006

Random Picture Time: Amber & Seth in Central Park

Wanted to post these pics back when we made our little trip to the Big Apple but I couldn't get around to it. Me, Lindsey and her Hubby Alex. Two kick-but-powerhouse-opera singers.Central Park is one of my favorite places. I often wonder what would happen to the sanity of that city if it didn't have this park.

Another one of the marvels of NYC, the NY hot dog. Awesome.

I wish every city had subways. I only thought I hated Houston traffic, now I know.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! The Marches! Feel the jealousy emminating from Wacko.

Lindsey said...

Oh, the pics look great! I can't wait to see Amber next week and hopefully you later on in the month. We have to hang out again!

Seth Ward said...

I feel it brother, I feel it and it feeeeeels so good.

Lindsey, I'll be missing seeing you guys.

side note: My nose looks especially long in that last pic. God knows how huge that sucker will be at 60, if it doesn't swallow me whole for a snack before then.