Friday, December 28, 2007

Not Too Shabby

One of the things that I hate about NYC is that nobody seems to know a tootin' blasted thing about Sweet Tea. What the crap? You can't even find "ICED" tea bags at the grocery store. How in the world did this city get so popular without sweet tea is a complete mystery to me. Every time I ask somebody at a restaurant if their establishment sells sweet tea they look at me like I just grew a butt on my forehead.

HOWEVER!! I have found a decent substitute. And it's about dagnabit time. I bought this on a whim thinking I would be horribly disappointed by the normal revolting aftertaste that comes with ALLLLLLL canned or bottled sweet tea. Honestly, I don't know how anybody can drink that crappy, nappy, over-lemoned-to-mask-the-chemicals "TEA" that comes via the fountain in all the Subways and fast food restaurants north of the mason-Dixon line. Whenever the zombies working behind the counter at the fast food joints slip that junk in my drink without me knowing, I turn flat-out non-Christian.

So here it is. I would even suggest you go out and try it if you see it at a gas station. I usually pour in two packets of splenda to sweeten it to my liking and that does the trick.


Chaotic Hammer said...

Obviously, I don't have the problem you do, since sweet tea is abundantly available here.

But I remember having the same issues when I lived in California. I went back there several months ago for a visit and forgetfully ordered tea at a restaurant -- and came very close to spitting it out when it hit my taste buds. Blech. And no amount of pouring sugar into the tea makes a bit of difference. It has to be brewed correctly to be real "sweet tea".

Glad to hear you've found something to fill that void in your life.

Mer said...

You OBVIOUSLY miss Texas. It wouldnt be a problem with me if you came back for a while.