Thursday, December 13, 2007

Et tu Frankie?

Lots of Non-Christian Christmas Carols here in NYC. It doesn't really make sense. It kinda sounds like one big fat oxymoron to me. Christ...mas?? So all the Frankie songs are piping through the airwaves while I'm eating chili at the soup stop, or while I'm eating a Rueben on Rye at Arti's Deli, and they'll sing: "Have a Holly Jolly Christ...mas...” or, it's all about "the nuts on an open fire." Chestnuts, Pine nuts, hazelnuts, pistachio nuts... (quick, quick, name the movie.) but no Bing Crosby or Frankie singing Silent Night, or other Christmas classics. You'd think that roasting the chestnut was the single most important discovery in the history of man. Come on, even the old Jewish Crooners new the value of those melodic classics and cashed in big-time recording and singing them like they wuz ready for carol hour with Billy Graham and fam. It was a happy marriage of celebration and capitalism there if you ask me.

And don't give me that crap about the Christians stealing the date from the Romans. I mean, a show of hands... Who misses good old Mithra after the Catholic Church Christianized the twenty-fifth of December a few THOUSAND years ago?

I know, I know, not everyone is a Christian, and believes that "Christ the savior is bo-oooorn," but lets face it, it's mostly Jewish folk in these here parts and why sing "Christmas" in your chestnut carols and not just go ahead and go the whole way, and embrace the whole fun of the season. I know, I know... you don't believe Jesus was the Messiah, but can't you just listen to the pretty music, and think of it as... wishful thinking or something? Can I get an Amen? Or a Mazel Tov???

p.s. It's snowing again.

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