Saturday, December 08, 2007

Getting Colder

It is most certainly getting colder up here. Today I froze 73% of my butt off. I imagine that in a month or so the other 27 % percent will be frozen as well. I would prefer it freeze 88% of my gut off, but nooooo. Speaking of gut... You know what I don't get, from an evolutionary, or creationist standpoint?

Love handles.

I mean, what is so important about that part of the body that your DNA tells your cells to store fat in that area? Maybe somehow the body thought we would be able to eat our fat and put it there for easy access like a gunslinger to his guns. Don't get it. Why not the legs? We use those all the time. Why not arms? Seriously, when the hello-dolly do we utilize the muscles that sit underneath our love handles? Huh?

In other news...

The editing process on the novel is almost complete. I have all, or most all of the plot probs fixed and it has a nice flow to it.

This "Fullness of Time" series is a tad elephantine. It is like a dissertation or something. Luckily, I've studied a good bit of Church History and world religions, which is unavoidable if you study Music History and Ethnomusicology, so I think I can pull it off... with a little help from my friends. Yes that means you. Please add your two cents in if you get the hankerin'.

It is getting dark here in the city and it is about five o'clock. I'm not quite used to that, being a Southern fella at heart. But NYC is full of lights at night so it is a decent trade-off.

I do miss the sunsets in Texas. I miss having my breath taken away by a surprise work of art on the horizon as the sun burns its last for the day.

Anywho, about to get back to it here. I've got a full tummy and coffee is a' brewin.



The Cachinnator said...

Sunset was great today. It was 80 degrees.

Seth Ward said...

I think Waco is one of the prettiest areas in Texas, and blessed with some of Texas' best weather. Austin is another.

The Stan said...

There's a reason I live in Southern California, my friend. I'm happy to report that my ass is intact and gellin'!

cool dad said...

First time here, but any blog with frozen carbonite is worth checking out. Thanks for my Star Wars fix for the day!