Friday, September 14, 2007

Treo Trauma

I'm afraid that my Mac brain is too far into the blessed realm to understand the workings of a device of a lesser and trickier software.

So please, can someone still dwelling in the realm of sinful, fleshy, PC... please tell me how to work my Treo??? (Seriously. I'm PC DUMB.)

For instance. It always says that I have ONE message. So, for the first day or two, I check the message to find there are in fact, no messages. Then when someone actually leaves a message I really don't think there is one and I miss C-hammer's frantic plea to rescue, what seems to be, a very valuable shirt or two from the clasps of the evil hotel mongoloids here in NYC. (I hate to tell you this C-ham, but when they pulled up the clothes from under the counter, there were small jumping insects emerging from the bag in which they were placed. They have since been quarantined in a larger bag.)

Or, why won't it show how many missed calls? For instance, half my family thinks I hate them.

Or, how in the H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEYSTICKS does one email or transfer a little film made with the treo. I can't seem to figure out how to even email/liberate a single ^%#+***@&#^ picture from the clasps of the Treo's strange and flawed inner nerve/software ganglia.

This one thing I know: When I stop feeling guilty for wanting an expensive Iphone I am going to buy one (with the music of Chariots of Fire pumping through my ipod) and smash the said Treo into a billion pieces like Thor of Asgard. Then I will take 20 pictures of the grey, heavy, lumpy, treo-wreckage with my iphone and send them simultaneously to the various Treo sweatshops in Indonesia and China. All from my iphone.

The one thing I do enjoy about the Treo is the long battery life. That alone keeps me from drop-kicking it right into the path of a subway.


Anonymous said...

Foolish mortal. If your voicemail icon is on buy you don't have a message, just go to to your phone menu, look in your phone preferences, and hit the "clear voicemail icon" button. It's that easy.

As for emailing videos, as long as they're under 512k, just hit your menu while looking at the list of pics and vids and you'll have the option to send it.

It makes sense. Snob.

Seth Ward said...

You may expect a phonecall my friend later this eve.

(If you aren't too busy.)

Its time to get this thing figured out.

Chaotic Hammer said...

By the way, Seth, thank you anyway for trying to rescue the garments we forgot in our hotel room. The shirt was actually one of the nicer shirts I own, but still not all that nice (I'm just not a fancy-clothes kinda guy). It can be replaced easily enough. It seems like I have all these shirts in my closet and end up only wearing a few of them most of the time, while the rest just hang there unused, for whatever reason. The jacket was from the Monterey Sports Center where Nanx worked when we lived in California.

We feel bad about the jumping insects thing, and hope that none of these jumping insects ended up on you or in your apartment!

BTW, if the insects were jumping, they were not bedbugs. Sounds more likely that they were fleas. Lots of travelers to NYC apparently have problems with bedbugs in their hotel room, but we did not have any. The mattresses were wrapped in plastic, which as I understand it is a common anti-bedbug measure, since they love to live in creases and crevices all over the edges of the mattress.