Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Hobbit Hole on West 83rd Row

Hello blogging friends, near and far.
Your traveling Wards no longer own a car
for into the city they now dwell
all of their possesions they had to sell

The apartment in which they live is tiny and cute
you cannot get lost or miss each other's toot.
But a block or two from Central Park makes us happy
for that alone, we'd live in a pile of crappy.

We have no internet now just yet.
nor do we have a smelly pet
we will return and tell all there is to tell
about our trip, the drive, the move, until then...
NYC is mighty swell.


Chaotic Hammer said...

Good to hear from y'all. (Or would that now be "youse"?)

Is the Hobbit Hole big enough for visitors? We're going to be there early next week and would love to see you guys!

euphrony said...

Welcome to your new home, guys.

The Stan said...

I'm glad to see you made it safe,
And didn't become a homeless waif!

But found a lovely little hole
Where Central Park is but a stroll.

Right in the heart of the Big Apple
Across the street from a fancy chapel.

But let's hope you find job real soon
Cause you just might hum a different tune,

And wind up, after all, a waif
And boy, would that really chafe!

Seth Ward said...


Internet up! Finally.