Monday, September 24, 2007

70 degrees

I would like to take a moment and let my friends in Houston know that it is around Noon in NYC and it is about 70 degrees. Right now, I am trying to decide whether I should change into a long sleeve shirt or just take a little jacket because it might get a little chilly (60's) after five.

Whatever will I do? I'm not sure... I'm just not used to all these decisions. I mean, in Houston it was pretty much about picking which loincloth was most suited for church, or which shirt absorbed the most sweat without showing it. Black works best but unfortunately, black absorbs the most heat. Sooo catch 22.

Whatever shall I do?


euphrony said...

You, sir, shall go sit thyself in a sauna, wearing a three-piece suit (if you own one) or your heaviest winter coat and sweater. You shall do this in penance for mocking those of us who live like this every day without going into a sauna.

So be it.

euphrony said...

(By the way, if you're interested, I just posted a review of Sara Groves' upcoming new album on my blog. You can take a read and listen to a couple of clips.)

Chaotic Hammer said...

Whatever shall I do?

You're ending this post in the form of a question -- feigning sincerity in seeking an answer to said question. But I have well-tuned antennae for subtle things, such as bald-faced gloatery.

And this, good sir, strikes me as bald-faced gloatery. Rubbing the noses of your former comrades-in-crappy-climate into your now-I-have-four-actual-seasons NYC poop.

But just you wait. Rumor has it that there is sometimes one nice day in Houston each year. And you never know, it might just happen to fall on a crappy-weather day in NYC. And if it does, all those folks in H-Town are gonna totally gloat at your expense.

Hey, it could happen.

Austin said...

this SO sux

Houston, don't get me started...

now Florida which is Houston but with more hurricanes....

this SO sux.....

I wanna move NORTH, I tell you!!!

Seth Ward said...

Austin, HA!!!!!

Well at least in Florida has pretty beaches. Galveston has that nice jagged rock quarry by the brown crappy salty water they call a bay.

Florida has Disney World!!!! Houston has an abandoned astroworld.

Hosutons do have the Astros though and for that, I am grateful.

Euph! I will check it out. But hey, at least 1 third of the year you get to spend in the Alps and wherever else your awesome job takes you.

C-ham, There is one nice day in Houston, unfortunately it always happened to be on the day that I was exhausted and sick from heat stroke. So, I always missed it.

MamasBoy said...

whatever shall you do? Revel in it and taunt current Houstoners seems to be your chosen action.

It sounds like a good one to me.


Susanne said...

I would post a comment, but the heat has zapped all of my strength. :(