Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Something for Trish

I didn't know what it was like to be in your mind. I only saw you drift away.

I scraped a prayer on a bed post for you one night.

I never thought it was right that you suffered and lived through terrors
that woke you in the sweaty night
only to find shadows standing by your bed.

Your laugh disappeared for a while.
Those damned shadows took it.
Like a dark cloth just swallows up light.
But I always new it was there. I hoped it was there.
Sometimes I thought I lost mine too.
I wanted to go there with you I guess.
But it turns out that I coudn't .

I did leave the ball glove out and some tea in the fridge for you.
I'm real sorry that I forgot what you looked like or how you could whip any guy on the ball court.
I didn't even remember what that sounded like anymore.

We sat at the dinner table one night and sombody said something funny.
You rose from the dead like a sleeping princess.

That laugh broke every heart a mile from it.

Something got in my eye and I had to leave the room.

Then you married a fella who is afraid of the mail and loves birds and cats and you the most.

He paints too.
I don't know a book he hasn't read and I guess
you've always had something interesting and funny to say
like a great big library.

Good to see you again Sister.

Yeah, the tea is still good.

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MamasBoy said...

off-topic, but are we ever going to hear the product of your thesis?