Thursday, August 16, 2007

Seth and Amber Moving to NYC!!!

Well my friends, after many months, days and hours of prayer, Amber and I have decided to take the plunge and move to the big apple. It is a complete move of faith. There is no job for us there, yet we have never been so stinking excited in our whole lives.

We had thought about waiting until it seemed rational to move, like say... a job, but nothing seemed to suffice in our hearts except the blind leap. There have already been so many affirmations that my head is spinning.

For instance...

A year ago, we were visiting a friend in NYC while Amber was auditioning and they live in this particularily beautiful part of NYC around 83rd street, close to central park in Manhattan. We finished our visit and I looked around at the street where so many great films have been shot and prayed, "My gosh Lord... if we ever move here... this street sure would be nice," knowing that it would be near impossible to live there as poor musicians. Its not just the nostalgia, something else just "feeeels" right about it.

A few months later, Amber goes to a church called Redeemer Presbyterian on another visit and tells me about it. Something stirs in me. I "feel" like we are supposed to be there. I ignore it and move on living safe.

Months fly by and the idea of moving to NYC grows and grows. It won't go away. I try to blame a move on NYC on Amber's passion. It doesn't fly with Amber as she could be happy anywhere singing musicals, feeling fullfilled and obedient. After a few days I realize that it's really me that feels we are supposed to be there. So, we pray, and decide to move. The ever-reluctant leader.

Amber goes to NYC and begins the long and arduous task of finding an apartment. We find some on in Brooklyn and Estoria, two perfectly good apartments in perfectly good places and we are ready to sign. Something still isn't right but I let it go. Then Amber tells me what I've been thinking but too afraid to say... "We shouldn't limit where God wants to put us. Lets tell the realator to look in Manhattan since I get the feeling you think we should live there although it is too expensive..."

She says this and I feel that "thing" that one feels when you KNOW its the right attitude. The realator looks and something turns up. They send me pictures of a place that is only a few hundred more a month in Manhattan and much nicer, brand new in fact. It just happens to be on the very street where I uttered the flippant prayer the previous year. Our friend that lives on that street tells us that is a miracle that we found something there at that price.

I do a google earth of the area, located a block from central park and 3 blocks from the Museum of Natural History and find a first Baptist Church. I tell her excited that there is a church near us that is in walking distance. She tells me that is the very place where Redeemer Presbyterian meets. I am sufficiently boggled.

If that wasn't enough, the next day we find out that Redeemer has bought the building accross the street from us and will be building in December.

Accross the street. The church that I couldn't get off my mind, and the street that I prayed for and area that I felt we should be, but couldn't afford.

Now, I'm not a "name it claim it" fellow, but I am a "God knows where you need to be and puts the desire to be there fellow."

I think its time to let go of fear and leap forward, then stand back and watch God work. Pray for us.


discontented refuge said...


Now we really need to meet up, especially before you leave.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Very exciting. Will definitely be praying for you guys.

There is good cause for your optimism. The "blind leap" we made from California to Tennessee has proven many times over to have been an excellent and (dare I say it?) God-ordained move.

We have other friends here who made the same sort of leap from other places, and some are having a rough time making it here. But (and this is the important thing) I have not heard a single one of them say that they regret it, or that even though things are going a little rough, that they are doubting that the Lord has them where He wants them.

I'm excited for you guys. I have always wanted to visit NYC (only been to the airport there, on a connecting flight). So maybe if you don't mind visitors, we'll come see you at some point. I have family in Pennsylvania and northern Virginia, so we will be up in that general area every now and again.

Stephen said...

Seth, that's great. And I really like what I've heard about Tim Keller and Redeemer Pres. I hope everything goes well!

kddub said...

wow exciting!

Sound like it's where you are supposed to be heading!

Amy said...

I'm feeling really jealous. I'd love to both have that feeling of certainty in what I'm doing and I'd love to be moving to New York.

Seth Ward said...

Thanks guys!

Amy, I don't want to make it sound so rosey. It isn't. It is sweat and prayer and even then it isn't working out exactly like we planned.

For instance, today we found, or our realator found out, that the apartment people had been mistaken on the apartment we were supposed to get. Therefore, the one that we THOUGHT we were getting is going to be a few hundred dollars more a month and the one that we ACTUALLY signed for is a dinky little closet with no window.

Not all roses. We are constantly praying and searching. It is quite scary at times but so is everything else that is risky.

The situation with the apartment is up in the air right now. So pray for us and pray for Amber because she has worked so hard to find the right place for us to be smacked in the face right at the end here. Her flight is scheduled to leave out on teusday. The apartment offices aren't open on the weekends since they don't need to be.

Amy said...

ok will definitely pray for the apartment situation. I think it sounds a bit rosy because you're excited about it.....but I know it's hard. I will be praying for you, because I know it takes a lot of courage to step out in faith like this.

Brody Harper said...

That's awesome man. Congrats. Now when we come visit you guys we don't have to go to Houston... see it keeps getting better.

That's an amazing story of faith.

Just keep going.

Seth Ward said...

Thanks man. During this, we talked a lot about you and Kristen and the move that you made.

I guess you never know how your own personal testimony will somehow encourage other people to step out into the unkown and walk in faith.

Seth Ward said...

Good to hear C-hammer. I remember sitting with you guys and your small group and the encouragement we received from sitting and listening to everyone's story.

Stephen! Soon my friend, when your world travels are done... you guys should consider the big apple and the stuff we talked about.

Stephen and Haley said...

This is so exciting. I know ya'll will love it and make the most of it. I'm sure it will be tough but no doubt rewarding!

Even better now you will be closer to us!! If either of us get the chance to make the trip over the pond.

If you are in Dallas in the next few weeks let us know. We miss yall!!