Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Job

So my good friend Matt called me a few weeks ago and said that his church, Central Presbyterian on Park and 64th, was looking for an interim music director and he thought I would be a good fit. Soooo, a few weeks ago I went and played their awesome, volcanic Pipe Organ (yes, you heard that correct, and no, I didn't wear the slippers), led worship with Matt, William and Amber, and a guy named Tim Shew (who was Jean Valjean in Les Misérables on Broadway) and felt right at home.

So, I've been hired.

And I have to say, as far as buildings... this is one of the most interesting churches I have EVER set foot in. The building was built by Rockefeller and it is just flat out beautiful. There are all kinds of things going on in its SEVEN STORIES (threes stories below ground and four stories above) at all times. Anything from a Messianic Jewish service to major motion pictures and even episodes of Gossip Girl and other shows that need a church setting. (Quite a few Sex in the City episodes were filmed there...) It is on the corner of 64th and Park Avenue and if you been to the city you've probably seen it, or you've seen it in a film or T.V. show.

More than a beautiful building it is home to some truly wonderful people. They've already been so unbelievably kind to us and I am VERY excited about all the possibilities there, as the church is open to so many ideas and it has so many things to offer the community and each other. The interim pastor is Howard Eddington. He used to pastor a large church in Orlando and he is just a fantastic guy. He's written a book on Joseph (also semi-autobiographical) and he used to be Bill Bright's pastor.

Even though the building is very old with a rich and interesting heritage, it is a young, growing church, thirsty for the Spirit of God.

So, if you are in the neighborhood on a Sunday, please, drop by!


Bill Hensley said...

Congratulations, Seth! That sounds really exciting.

It is so good to hear of a young and growing church (Presbyterian no less!) in the very heart of NYC and engaged with the community.

Chaotic Hammer said...

Congratulations! That's awesome.

Theresa said...

Hi Seth,

I'm Theresa and you don't know me but I heard you and your wife sing "Holy" at the Redeemer 7:15 service today. (At least I think it was you and your wife...) Anyway, I tried googling and youtubing that song but no such luck. It was an amazing song and your wife has a beautiful voice. It even made me cry! Thank you both for that.


Seth Ward said...

Hi Theresa. Thank you so much for your kind words.

Yes, it is hard to believe, but that was and is my wife. ;-)

If you are interested in having a copy, you can download it on itunes under "Five Cent Stand" on the album "Bitter Kiss."

Thanks again, and I'm humbled that it moved you.

Susanne said...

That is so cool, Seth! I'm jealous, though...we really miss you guys. :( I love listening to your CDs. Your song "Give Me Jesus" moves me every time I hear it. There was a song, though, that I loved hearing you guys sing, and I can't remember the name of it. I think it was about Mary?? I remember the word "arise," but I can't remember the rest. I'd love to hear it again.
Enjoy playing that "volcanic pipe organ!" Too neat.

cool dad said...

Congratulations! A job is very wonderful thing, especially these days. Maybe we can stop by on a Sunday morning and be blessed by you guys.