Friday, February 27, 2009

I can write me some long posts...

Exhibit A: See post below.

Well, I've been out of it for a while and my statcounter tells me I've got some new viewers. I don't really know why, but okay then. A bunch from this here city as a matter of fact. So here's the deal my new friends.

I started this blog a few years back to get better at writing as writing was something that I had always wanted to do but was too chicken to try. So, this is where I write a bunch. Not editing, but writing. You'll find that there are a bunchload of mistakes on this blog. I try to leave as many as I can stomach. The reason being that I think people, me, myself and I, have spent too long being afraid. Being afraid to submit to the viewing world something that isn't flawed. It darn near crippled my piano playing while I was getting a Masters in Piano and it kept me from ever writing as many songs as I wanted to write.

So, sometimes, I do spend a good bit of time (an hour or so) writing a post and shaping it up, nice and spiffy. But most times, you get it just like it comes out. Sometimes raw and smelly and sometimes quite catchy, if I do say so myself. But it is flawed, nonetheless. See, right there... two sentences in one paragraph that start with "but." But am I going to change them? Crap no.

So, feel free to comment, harass, admonish, PRAISE, jeer, and so on and so forth. Its all fun to me.

In fact... I think blogging truly lends itself to a kind of innate and raw imperfection. Even the best blogs seem a little rough around the edges however grammatically correct. Honestly, if I read a blog that is too perfect, I always feel like... someone just showed up to the movies in a prom dress.

But that's just me. What the heck do I know? Bottom line is I try to keep it fun. And short. However, I do fail that second one quite a bit. Again, thanks for reading and feel free to chime in and give me a hard time.

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Scott J said...

I'm one of those new ones. Thanks for the heads up ;-)