Monday, December 11, 2006

Top 5 Favorite Sesame Street Moments

Number 5. Martians Descend on Sesame Street


Chaotic Hammer said...

Hey, I remember this!

I watched Sesame Street as a kid, and continued watching it until I was about 16 years old. Always watched The Muppet Show too. Good stuff.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I guess you switched to Blogger Beta at some point, Seth.

Blogger is acting stupid. I first noticed it on your Rats in the Cellar entry. People commented there, and I could see their names originally, but a day or two later, most of the commenters suddenly became listed as "Anonymous", even though they weren't.

Now today, I went to comment here, and even though I'm logged in to Blogger (I still haven't switched to Blogger Beta for my blog), it wasn't recognizing me. So it made me sign up again, and I had to create a new profile, unrelated to my real Blogger blog.

If this sounds confusing or doesn't make sense, that's because it is and it doesn't.

So I'll add my photo to the new profile, and pretend none of this happened. Or something.

Seth Ward said...

Yeah, I am not too sure about this beta thing. It doesn't seem to work to well with safari and I have to manually insert the youtube stuff to post from Youtube now. Also logging in is more of a pain in my butt. I saw that change in the name thing and it ticked me off.

Chaotic Hammer said...

I'm pretty sure they said that you can't back out once you've switched to the Beta, so you'll probably have to make the best of it now.

I get the strong impression that they are planning to "gently nudge" everyone over the the Blogger Beta sooner or later, and if that fails, to just force it upon everyone anyway. Working in IT for as many years as I have, I'm quite wary of such things, and will likely hold out until the last possible moment, unless there's some really compelling reason to switch.

Seth Ward said...

I know, I fell for it bigtime. Oh yeah and the "couple of minutes" that it took to switch was more like "all day and then some"

Susanne said...

I watched Sesame Street with my roommate every morning during my freshman year of college. I think I enjoy it more than my kids do now! They don't make kids shows as good as that one anymore.

I love Bert's pigeon song, and the episode where Grover is the waiter and the guy finds a fly in his soup.