Thursday, December 21, 2006

Condoms to Go

I have never understood the marketing behind the name of this store. I mean, "Condoms to Go" as opposed to "Condoms for Here"

"Yes, I would like two condoms, for here please."

Yikes. Every time I pass this store I ponder this question. I can't think of anything that is purchased in a more "To Go" fashion than condoms. Sheesh. There is no clever pun to give. The title is the pun. Can you think of any?

And let's get honest. Most guys who are buying condoms are college students and high-school students who shouldn't be needing them in the first place. So when they do buy them they are usually in a hurry NOT to be seen and that's why they drop by the most remote Krusty-Mart they can find, in the middle of no-where where no one from their school, church or community would stumble upon them to recognize them.

I guess the same discresion could be said of buying Prep-H. Not a purchase you want broadcast. Maybe that pun would work. What if there was a store that said, "Got Rhoids? Rhoid Ointment to Go."

Nah, "Condoms’ to Go" is still worse.

A little something for you to ponder as you sip on your Nog.

No telling what might turn up on this blog people. Sorry.


Rebecca said...

You are as demented as your sister. Geesh...PK's. But, I was rolling with laughter. Thanks for brightening my morning. *hugs*
Oh...and Merry Christmas.

Kat said...

That was hilarious Seth! I'm still laughing as I type this comment...

Anonymous said...

"Who's that weirdo in the parking lot taking pictures of our condom store?"

Lexie Ward said...

I'm still reeling from the fact that there is such a thing as a condom store.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they sell much more than just condoms... I mean... uhhhh... yeah... a condom store is strange...

Sam Khoury said...

Wow! I somehow end up at your blog and I'm face to face with "Condoms to Go". I imagine some little liquer store off the beaten path is now worried about its existence!

euphrony said...

When I was in Portland, Maine recently, I walked by their local condom store. Conviently located in the downtown shopping district, right next to the candy store.

Location, location, location!

Seth Ward said...

I am so glad you all find the humor in this. I don't feel like such weirdo.

Brody, it appears that the man taking the pictures is the Cachinator.

Sam, welcome.

Euphrony! Yes that is a bizzare location. I bet the candy store owners were ticked when they moved in. Or maybe visa versa.

Rebecca and Lexie, All I have to say is...the ladies doth protest too much.

Have a merry, merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... perhaps if you investigate a little, you would know WHY it is called that!

And, percentage-wise, more middle aged people are currently using condoms than college-aged people due to the rise in infidelity and divorce.

I would like to at least see a funny blog about this place - but I guess I will have to go elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

So, you don't understand the "marketing" behind the name - YET, you just wrote a blog about it. Hmmm... seems like the name worked.