Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Movie Set Fun

I got to go onto the new Sarah Jessica and Hugh Grant movie set last night and watch a scene being filmed. VERY cool. I soaked up every minute of the process. It is amazing how many hours lights and shields and cranes and cameras and people and other odd and expensive looking things that must be put into place just so that two actors can stand in the rain for 5 seconds, peep into a window and sneak off into the distance. Incredible. They even had two double actors give it a go first. A good idea. I'd HATE to do that scene twice.

I felt sorry for Sarah Jessica Parker. Normally I wouldn't feel sorry for someone making 25k per day, but I did last night. And Hugh looked pretty miserable as well. As far as acting goes, it definitely took some of all the glitz and glam out of the whole movie star business. Because, my friends, the weather last night twas COLD. Those two had to jump around in non-winter clothing in uncommon 35 degrees wind while gallons of cold, fake rain was pumped upon their heads.

I clicked a bunch more pictures but Sarah requested those of us with cameras not take pictures of her soaking wet and miserable. Understandable. (She requested very nicely, and thanked our inconsiderate selves, btw. Very nice lady.) So, I won't post them. Here is a blurry one with their backs turned. I don't think they'd be upset about this one.

It was dark and unfortunately the iPhone doesn't take the best dark photos, and the best pictures of them are ones where they are SOAKING wet and hypothermic, but the pictures above gives you the look of the scene. They peek into a window, the UPS truck drives off and then Hugh and Sarah run like wild people our direction almost running into us on the sidelines. I'm pretty sure that what the were saying by the time they reached us wasn't in the script.

Looks like a fun movie!


savash said...

Thanks for the rundown. I was at the set for three straight nights (including tonight)just to get a good shot of Hugh Grant. I had to leave usually around 9-ish, so I never got to see any of the rain scenes being shot. I'm told they didn't happen until like 4 a.m., or maybe a bit earlier. Good for you for having the stamina to stay there all night. Post again if you go back!

Seth Ward said...

Actually, it happened at about 10:30 or so... I don't think I could stay there all night. We stayed for about 1 hour and a half. Bout all we could handle. It was COOOOOOLD.

zwcephas said...

If you read N.T. Wright - which on another post where I left a comment you indicated you did - then how can Cage get you down? Or one of his depressing flicks. Regardless of the philosophy/theology involved (predestination) or the ending (I am going to have to see the film), in fact N.T. Wright offers a very positive view of our involvement in present shaping the future from a Calvinistic perpsective. Calvin may have appreciated the movie (I'll have to see the film to see if I agree), but he might not appreciate N.T. Wright's redo of his (Calvin's) take on predestination vis a vis the widely misunderstood doctrine of justification. Wright thinks the correct view calls for our involvement in the present so as to be a vital part of the outcome - i.e., the future - according to God's plan - no fatalism here; rather a mix of time and eternity which from our perspective in time makes invovlement in what God is doing exciting, never depressing. Give N.T. Wright another go - and see if the film is nothing more than a lark. Again, I'll have to see the film...